Belarus lifts restrictions on imports of Russian beer

In the apparatus of the Council of Ministers said that the protective circuit against Russian beer is no longer needed. According to professionals, introduced earlier marking provides control over the import, handling and preservation of beer.
Russian manufacturers are pleased
Management of the Union of Russian Brewers very happy decision of the Belarusian government. This says a representative of Vladimir Kuznetsov.
Kuznetsov: "Yes, we know that the lifting of restrictions on the importation and circulation of Russian beer in Belarus."
Roots: "It’s easier to work Russian brewery?"
Kuznetsov: "Absolutely. Yesterday we released an official press release in connection with the decision of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, explaining our position in this issue . "
According to the release, unduly stringent administrative measures against Russian beer called incidentally charge a single license fee of 10,700 dollars for 10000 gave beer. In addition, the import of Russian beer only through temporary storage.
According to Russian Brewers’ discriminatory nature "and import turnover of beer on the ground Belarus was an occasion for numerous appeals to the government as Russian Federation and the Belarusian authorities. The question was rising during bilateral talks at the highest level.
Belarusian brewers worry
But a positive assessment by the Russian Brewers on today’s decision by the Council of Ministers does not coincide with the views of Belarusian brewers. Officer 1st regional breweries states that at the moment the Belarusian producers will have to survive in a very complex criteria.
Brewery worker: "Today’s price for Belarus — dumping it everyday. When Moscow beer is more expensive than in Minsk (the same" Ephesus ", which is made in Russia), it directly indicates the Ordinary dumping in a certain situation. Currently Currently there is a war just for the market. And the prices will rise at the time when normally they settle here. Same "Baltika" is currently holding 12% of the Belarusian beer market. "
According to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, 2006 beer imports from Russia amounted to 5,000,000 gave that up 47% compared with the previous year. The total volume of beer production in Belarus last year recorded at around 33 million given away.
Belarusian beer more expensive
As the my companion, Belarusian beer trade in the domestic market is complicated by the same external factors next.
Brewery worker: "According to the Belarusian beer at this time is expected to increase to raise prices will be all. It is connected with energoelementami, and taxation, and the whole world. Belarusian plants in very low labor productivity, and they work in the criteria, when the percentage profitability quite small. And the cost of any change they react immediately increase prices. Same transportation, transport services rose. Same boiler rose, expensive raw materials. And we 19 February obliged to raise prices by 8%. "
Trade misunderstandings Belarus and Russia are still
On the background of a single consciousness between Russia and Belarus in the beer industry remain unresolved difficulties in other areas. For example, the prospects for cooperation in supplying the Russian market of sugar from Belarus.
Chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko and then outraged that illegal to be sold in Russian Federation Moldovan and Georgian wines fall into Russia through third countries as wine.
According Anischenko, there is reason to talk about the "alcohol komplot" because all the wine production in Belarus is 80% of the Moldovan raw materials. And given the fact that between Belarus and Russia is no border, the Belarusian head of Russian life direction sanepidemnaglyadu disturbs not joke .
Not resolved the conflict between producers of confectionery products from Belarus and Russia. On the shelves many candies, cookies and other sweets made under one brand, but in different countries. Both the Russian and Belarusian producers they say that patents are at the ready products on its territory. But to get to an adjacent market is problematic. Meanwhile, according to experts, the problem in the Russian confectioners appeared just in response to the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development limit supplies of Belarusian sugar.
And not so long ago, State Control Committee began search operations against those without customs duties involved in the smuggling of mobile phones from Russia.

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