Belarus — Our homeland: transport war

Belarusian carriers say that it will strike at the very unhealthy place because of transportation European states in Russia and were contrary to their most profitable. Our homeland has finished issuing permits not pass huge losses. Trucker from Brest Vyacheslav said:
Vyacheslav: "It turns out we can ship only to Belarus. This income incomparable. Will be less revenue, and we simply can not survive. Drivers will earn the least, there will be more unemployed and so on . "
"Belintertrans" produces about 90% of traffic to Russia from third countries. Deputy General Director Andrei Abragimovich explains:
Abragimovich: "If the problem is not resolved in Lately and resolution of these completed, it will seriously enough. We will lose the entire market. We can not do contracts. Transport will be idle in Europe, we will bear the costs. "
Russian side gave permission for the quarter and still while freight forwarders are working properly, but that is more — is unclear. Belarusian drivers they say that such measures Russian side hopes to get rid of rivals. For this, several years ago and introduced such resolutions — and the number of them once a year decreases. Do not hide it and the Russians. According to the Russian Association of Road Carriers Eugene Sudakov currently Russians make only about 47% of traffic.
Sudakov: "It’s basically a business Russian carriers, which we give. This general geopolitics — to reduce the presence of the Russian market of carriers of third countries. These are our jobs, it is our" social sphere. "We’re not going to plant potatoes in Belarus — and this is same. We concede its market. This loads of bilateral trade, for example Italy — Our homeland. Why should they keep Belarusians? "
But both sides say that the statement of Russian Ministry of Transport related obstacles committed Belarusian customs for Russian transit to the Kaliningrad region. According to the Russian Ministry of Transport, Russian companies have significant losses caused by downtime, disruption of contracts, payment of convoys and parking at the border. Acts of the Belarusian customs make tension on the borders.
The Ministry of Transport of Belarus pronounced that have not yet received any official documents from the Russian side. A Russian permits issued so far in the former regime. Ministry spokesman Foreign Affairs Belarus Andrei Popov urged both sides to negotiate and resolve problems in the existing framework.
Popov: "Here impartially and select another no, because once a year through the countryside of Belarus from Russia to Europe and back moves million tons of cargo. Therefore it is necessary to sit down and take all the mutual concern."

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