Belarus Russian outpost again?

From "defensive wall" to the West "outpost" RF
Was again repeated that "Belarus has always beenand will be with the Russian people, "she refuses to not be" an outpost of the Russian Federation in the West. "In an interview with German newspaper nedavneshnem" Die Welt "the Belarusian leader read other things, if not reverse: suggested, for example, a union transit states to counter Russian energy policy. said there was also the fact that "the West realized tomorrow Our motherland can turn off the tap and him." And speaking of the fight against illegal migration, the Belarusian leader noted then that "we are for a typical defensive rampart of Europe."
"Nerd is the most realistic, but …"
These expressions Lukashenko called very sensual reaction Russian media: newspapers directly blamed manager Belarus "betraying the Russian Federation." Last weekend, the first channel of Russian television showed a large, very critical story about Lukashenko, in which for the first time in a long time remembered his famous expression of Hitler. With all of this after the respective avdyestuzhki was shown Lukashenko’s statement that there is nothing positive about Hitler, he did not read, and immediately whereupon — interview with the Belarusian ruler where he confesses that read Hitler, who "was a very real nerd, but about ‘uniting civilization that gave result." Last audiotape statements Lukashenko Hitler sounded on Russian television in 1996, the other day the constitutional referendum in Belarus.
Repeating these expressions presently indicates, that Russian news media started coming on the president.
"I do not flirt with anyone"
And the current conversation with Zyuganov Lukashenko tried to "rewind" his position. Discussions that he was "flirting with the West," the Belarusian leader referred to as "empty" advances made Europe he interpreted as a multi-vector policy.
In other words, from "defensive wall in Europe," Lukashenko vorachivaetsya again to the role of "an outpost of the Russian Federation." With all this declarations of loyalty again mixed with hints of the ability of candidates: "If we held a pro-Western policy, there would have long standing NATO troops. Earlier than other country, they could be here. We has always beenand Russia. Our homeland but always threw a stone at us. "
For these statements Lukashenko chose a very successful interlocutor — controlled Zyuganov Russian Communist Party was one of the few political forces of the Russian Federation that the conflict between the official Minsk and the Kremlin chose the former. Communicating with the chairman of the Communist Party, Lukashenko really read for the same Kremlin and the Russian people. But Russian control and, according to recent polls, Russian folk these geopolitical throws huge memories no longer do.

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