Belarusian business newspaper — 15 years

"It was a year of revival of the Belarusian statehood, the country started to change, the opportunity to take the initiative," — so says Peter Martsau 1992, the last municipal employee news agency BelTA. Fifteen years ago, together with Alexander Volvachevu sovereign Martsau founded the newspaper "Exchange and banks. Belarusian Business Newspaper. "
Over time kutsee "BDG" became one of the most influential media-independent Belarus: newspaper circulation in 1997 reached the peak — 22 thousand copies. Theme rooms were the hottest — political battles, corruption in government, trade instrument. Clearly, authorities did not like it. Thousands of dollars of fines paid by newspaper lawsuits. "BDG" denied distributing through subscription, advertisers recommended contains no advertising in the newspaper, Belarusian printing houses refused to print "BDG".
Peter mentions Martsau more vserasprostranenny-independent way of dealing with printing in Belarus:
Martsau: "Last Three years existence of the newspaper — it’s totally "telephone law". Is there a ban on the sale of newspapers in personal shops which sell other editions? No such prohibition, such a document. But when we tried to sign a contract, the Director heartily says that they got a call from the executive committees of the ideological structures. "
The former editor Svetlana Kalinkina for filing newspapers can teach fifteen-year history of the country. Journalist herself remembers better room that overlooked immediately after the 2001 presidential election.
Kalinkina: "The newspaper printed portraits of all political candidates, not including Alexander Lukashenko. His political portrait, we placed in the room immediately after the election, he was called" President of the box "- and it was a shock. Authorities did not expect that there are still people who can read it here so zvyshpryntsypova. "
A year later, as the release of "BDG" suspended. Publisher Peter Martsau states that stopped the publication of the newspaper, as it is not printed in the country, not allow you to sell and distribute. Journalists who did glory "BDG" dispersed to other media-independent, working in online journals, or in general have gone abroad.
Last "BDG" editor Pavel Sheremet, now recognizable journalist Russian TV channel ORT, grateful for the school newspaper journalistic solidarity.
Sheremet: "In the newspaper, I learned how to work with the stars. Learned aware stars, independent people to work with, and it" BDG "taught me the realization that there is a team. A team of people, officials, partisans."
Peter prepares Martsau solemn room "BDG" which plans to publish in February. Phone make old materials newspaper devoted more catchy fifteen events past years. Peter Martsau hopes that number will send to all former members of the newspaper, whose addresses are stored in the database "BDG".
Incidentally, several years ago in accordance with the decree of Alexander Lukashenko, who forbade the use in the titles of publications and organizations of the word "Belarus", the newspaper was renamed the "BDG. Business newspaper."

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