Belarusian Olympians are packing their bags

Sad announcements for Belarusian fans flocked through information channels, when most people in Belarus still asleep.
The competition in Greco-Roman wrestling heavyweight Belarus Sergei Artyuhin in the eighth end to the Cuban opponent lost and ended up in the consolation tournament, where he had a chance to compete for the bronze merit. But ultimately nothing managed to oppose the Armenian athlete.
The only representative of Belarus at the end of personal shmatborstva in gymnastics Dmitry Savitsky, falling from the bars and injuring his hand to the blood, the wound left on the horizontal bar and courageously fulfilled aaplet but eventually finished only 23rd.
Did not become happy for Belarusian athletes complex "Aqua Cube". Main hope swimmers Alexandra Gerasimenya, in their own semi-final took place 8 and was among the finalists. On stometrovtsy butterfly Eugene Lazuka graduated from the performance on the stage of development. With the state record in the 50 meters finished Andrey Rodionov, but in the final minutes that allowed him to take place exclusively in the fourth 10-ke. It is significant that in the race August 13 Gerasimenya also set a new record of Belarus, that means only one thing: Belarusian standards are far from global. How to write a sports blog fans, I’m sorry that the record only in Belarus Belarus and quoted.
Forever sad for Belarusians to carry on with the Olympic fields exceeded a pleasure victories? Sports telekamentatar Alexander Putilo believes that, contrary to the promises of sports officials, at this point you have not counting the merits pending medalevaga record and considered prerequisites failures in several disciplines for which pinned special hopes:
"Naturally, sports leaders have long known: 2008 — Olympic year, and began to build in advance medalevyya prospects. It seems that the inertia still planned to grab more medals than at past Olympics, during which it was produced 15 awards. And my best game we had, I recall, in Sydney — 17 medals. Because different possible approach to this — either on the number of medals we need at the moment to focus, or to consider the situation, based on the properties of performances of Belarusian athletes in general? "
Ranald Knish — Belarus coach who reached the greatest heights, producing a number of Olympic champions, sure: while in Belarus will not change strategy training coaching staff, the fans should not count on that. At the moment, spices, most of the coaches — autodidact who lack knowledge and experience to pass on to pupils. For reference Knish said China, where are being adopted only new techniques. If in Belarus, as in China, make a bet on the first preparation of trained trainers, who in turn will be able to expertly prepare athletes, then can be hopes for a breakthrough. Now Belarusian coaches stew in its own juice:
"In our sport very many conservatism trenuyutstsa all the old fashioned way. But you can achieve great results, especially with regard to gymnastics. Though they say that gymnastics made an incredible step forward, we can talk about its great potential. But this forced the coaching conservatism across the way.
It is clear that one coach to another will not open their own secrets, and training of trainers anywhere in Belarus virtually non-existent. Neither institution in the country is not preparing the coaching staff. Naturally, the coaches who know something, do not give out secret, because they do not wish to have more competitors to his disciples and for yourself too. All this is hidden, because every coach should make discoveries in the sport without the help of others — in training athletes in their rehabilitation, new experiments in the art of movement. Everything must come himself, as all it is nestled. And at the municipal level assist coach no hurry. "
A number of Olympic events, including the role of academic veslavanne huge number of Belarusian crew moved to a later date due to the storm.
Meanwhile, the bad weather had no effect on the triumphal procession through the Olympic Games distance owners. Now the Chinese have invested in the common fund has its own team stack of gold medals, bringing the number to immodest against others — 22 to 10, the closest competitors Americans. Chinese front and a total medalevay race — 35 awards of various advantages. Now the first gold medal team produced Mongolia, Cuba and Ukraine.
On account of the Belarusian team as before two bronze — in the women’s bar and Greco-Roman wrestling. In general table of Belarus is the fifth 10-ke. Tags: day, olympics, second

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