Belarusian universities remained at the level of Russian

Though paid faculties in such universities a couple of times exceed the price of the Belarusian, my companion focuses on the main point: that the diplomas Higher School of Economics have the highest quotation in Europe, while the Belarusian — for internal use only and are not recognized even in Russia. Belarusian universities "zakanservavalisya" another Russian level, without high-quality scientific development:
"When I entered the Higher School of Economics (which, it should be noted, one of the more elite universities of, diploma which is recognized in globally) For me in general was surprisingly, there there are cheap places. And even more surprising — how many of these places. When I arrived, I thought, there Only paid training. And it turned out that the proportions in some places 60/40, while in favor of the budget places.
Hard for me to read for the whole of Russia, but in Moscow it is the institution that resemble Western institutions. And then, in Belarus increase prices, it I really familiar. When I studied for four years at the Academy of Management, there were times that my classmates for the year five times copied additions to contracts, so 4-5 times a year increased the price of learning. Started the first course with a 970 bucks on present day it’s something about 1500 bucks. Can see that the figure has increased very significantly. "Tags: education, Oleinik

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