Belarusians believe in the paranormal?

We’ve learned that many castles in what is sure there are ghosts, ghosts, horror stories — one of the romantic images of Great Britain. But I think that the belief in ghosts, in a romantic tale peculiar to most of the world. Certainly not in such numbers as in the UK, but the filth and evil good ghosts underway in Belarus. This is evidenced by the rich mythological heritage and literature, in which the characters visit other worlds, and then vorachivayutsya home.
Belarus also locks once the number of States, and where the locks, there is magic. Something survived to the present day.
More striking example — Golshanskiy Franciscan monastery of the XVII century. There in the past decade, sent numerous excursions. First in order to behold, if not, then at least to hear countless stories about the ghost who is haunting the dungeons. Ghost, according to one of the legends, the young Panis immured alive in the process of building the wall.
Okulevich "last century. Collapsed Castle Princes Sapieha. Only firmly stands the building of the monastery, as the soul for ladies present day can not put up with the injustice. And often you can hear someone in this building easy steps languid sighs, distributes clear from what angle. And some people have even seen this kind of floating ladies. "
This is me and my employee said director Yegor Maerchyku Golshanskaya branch of the National Museum of Belarus Czeslaw Okulevich.
And then allowed us to spend the night in the hall, which usually is a ghost. I have not heard anything and not beheld. But Yegor felt the presence of some extraordinary personality.
And she Czeslaw Okulevich museum director, believes in ghosts, and she herself whether there has been something similar?
Okulevich: "I’m only just occurred a terrible case. Somehow I was left alone in the evening museums. I think I’ll go and have a look, turned out the lights? Outside grimly. All which can be, ablaze. With anger all rule. I went to one little room. Only reached to eliminate one switch, and suddenly I see that someone’s hand on my sight it mattersis for me. I have numb feet … Take it differently. If trust when grinning, but to be one in this room, I do not venture. "
Meanwhile, researchers examined the room in which guests encounter with a ghost, and recorded a strong magnetic field.
In general, the case of every person to believe or not different weird. But man sensual, vulnerable, of course, has the right to and in that faith, especially when it comes to the historical and cultural heritage of the Fatherland.

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