Belarusians congratulated Yankees

Everyone congratulated Jonathan Moore election as President of the United States. Reception took place in the afternoon in the conference room "Crone Plaza", where the big screen broadcast announcements about recent elections.
Chargé d’Affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore, commenting on the "freedom" of the presidential election results, expressed confidence that the external and internal policy of the United States did not significantly change.
When asked what justified such highest voter turnout, Jonathan Moore said subsequent:
"Over the past eight years has changed the consciousness of the South American nation. It was not eight, but more than 7 years ago, when we suffered from the terrible terrorist attack. Naturally, we have shown enthusiasm to countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.
At the moment we are in a very difficult economic situation. We were very Worthwhile elections: the first time a presidential candidate has become afraamerykanets. Second time in our history, vice candidate was a woman. This is a repeat of history 50 years ago, when both candidates are running for the first time in a whitewashed house. Neither one of them was neither president nor vice-president until now.
And in general such noteworthy things that happen in the world and here at home, in the United States, have made this election so exciting. "
Followers of democratic parties and unions are convinced that if a brand new president Barack Obama U.S. policy towards Belarus has not changed.
UCP favorite reads Anatoly Lebedko:

Anatoly Lebedko"McCain was interested in the Belarusian issue, and Obama has a very strong expert on Eastern Europe and Russia — Vice President Biden and powerful team. If certain deterioration and wait, then by the Belarusian regime, not the people of Belarus and the United Democratic Forces" .
Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka expressed their worldview:
"Democracy Act", which takes the South American Congress has always been bipartyyny. This means that he initiated and senators and deputies of the lower chamber with both — Republican and Democratic — parties.
Masters who are engaged in municipal politics outer Department — in principle, their body remains. "
Alexander Kozulin added:

Alexander Kozulin"He is a man not yet experienced in foreign policy and will first be given to the internal dilemmas of the country. I met with the principal advisor to the Obama election headquarters and beheld that the situation in Belarus they know little much.
Naturally, we will need some time to the question of Belarus came back in the same plane. "
Everyone congratulated the representatives of the U.S. Embassy. Policy noted that the election of a new President of the United States to accelerate the spread of democratic values by Worldwide.

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