Belarusians have felt the effects of the energy conflict with Russia?

Man: "I did not feel in any way."
Man: "I’m not ready to answer, has just begun. And what will be — time will tell. I have not even paid for the apartment not. Rates increased, as will be further — hard to say."
Man: "Not yet. This month, January, the differences in the current level with no past months. "
Man: "Every day they say on TV that we do not have gas, and we do not want to pay for Russian gas. Of my well-being was not injured. I believe that politicians should decide this question themselves. "
Young Man: "Totally not feel. Attention I even do not pay, and my life is going well, and coming."
Reporter: "Have you felt for their welfare consequences of the energy conflict between Belarus and Russia?"
Lady: "I did not have two weeks at home, because nothing I can tell. We still do not pay utility bills for January because hard to say how much money is on the ticket for utilities. "
Man: "At its welfare? Unavailable. But, apparently, still feel. Not yet have the ability to see. "
Lady: "I have not yet felt, but it is yet. Like everyone, I understand that this is temporary. "
Man: "Not yet, since no configuration no. Temporarily ".
Lady: "For a little house payment increased. And food — I have not seen."
Lady: "Not yet — and I wish you hope that in the future can not feel."
Man: "Not yet. But wait and see. There is a suspicion that it’s just so will not be completed. Something will happen. "
Man: "It has long been. Gasoline prices — they grow constantly."
Lady: "Not yet, but I think it will continue to be terrible."
Lady: "In the future, it may affect."
Man: "Once it inconspicuously and immaterial."

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