Belarusians know own underground art terrible Europeans

Several malehankih comfortable rooms. Youth — before in a dark dress with longish hair … Two girls in the corner as if asleep. On Actually see that they are included in the meditation music. Some dance. I appeal to the industrial music movement activist Vlad Tambourine:
Tambourine: "If in the 1990s began a movement in German and Belgian magazines published reviews on our creativity, people have been asking about where is Belarus? But we have gained in order people do not ask this question. More or less understand that there is a European country and that there exists an extreme electric music. "
I appeal to the Belarusian underground activist Alena Zhukova, "What interests you directly on this evening?
Zhukov "First fascinating phenomena such as the evolution of underground art, because it is not in fact not so little in Belarus. Subculture not be mass, otherwise it ceases to be a subculture. "
Reporter: "You feel yourself comfortable at the event?"
Zhukov: "It’s hard to say. For here all the same bar. Belarus We have nowhere to spend the usual stalemates. Abroad have the opportunity to cancel Show celebration, there projectors, where you can show videos. First club to be the club: a common scene, the usual sound quality . "
According to many of my interlocutors, industrial music subculture has the same difficulties as all Belarusian informal culture — the limited release to the public through concerts and media because the government almost one hundred percent monopolized the right to decide it must listen to Belarusians. Because after another closed celebrations fans via the web will be watching to see what’s happening in their beloved music: in Belarus, and the world.

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