Berezovsky City Council: Elections are better than in the States!

Yuri Hubarevich expects to win in the Company:
"According to another I would not go to these elections, that did not believe in success. I think almost everything will depend on how the campaign will be carried out, how much will the real abilities to meet with voters — first in the workforce, to disseminate information — in short, the ability that we have not had before. "
Vice-chairman Berezovsky’s executive committee on ideology Eugene Tarasyuk assured: ability to fully all the candidates — are:
"They all have a chance I monotonous. May task now — elections are transparent, democratic, so Radio Liberty wrote that the elections will be better than in the States. So there 100 meters can not go to the polling station, if you are not a voter. And we let everyone on the land, that all looked and said, strolling who wish and looking as elections are held! "

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