Berezovsky Lugovoi suspects of involvement in the death of Litvinenko

Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Litvinenko referred a friend who at one point rescued his life. Last KGB Alexander Litvinenko, which had taken refuge in England, fell ill on November 1 last year. November 23, he died in an English hospital from radiation poisoning caused by polonium two hundred and tenth in his own suicide note, he blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin that he personally ordered his killing. Kremlin immediately denied this statement.
Before the death of Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky visited him in the clinic. And there unhealthy Berezovsky said: "Boris, I think to my poisoning Andrei Lugovoi involved."
Last KGB agent Andrei Lugovoi met Litvinenko in one of the British hotels just Nov. 1, when the latter felt the first signs of the disease.
Currently Lugovoi himself located in the metropolitan hospital, and some Russian media suspect that he also got radiation poisoning. Lugovoi himself has been questioned by British detectives, he denied reports that England reaches his extradition in Litvinenko’s poisoning.
Boris Berezovsky insists on the veracity of their own information and Lugovoi says he is ready to give testimony in the death of Litvinenko in English and Russian authorities. But by this time the British police have not questioned the sovereign Berezovsky. Russian prosecutors want to question him on completely different cause — of planning to overthrow the authorities in Russia. In Moscow Last year England claimed extradite Berezovsky, but London did not agree. However, the British government warned Berezovsky, that if he will continue to call for the municipal revolution in Russia, his refugee status will be reviewed.

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