Bobruisk: Taisiya Kabanchuk fired from his job

Taisa Kabanchuk worked storekeeper of Bobruisk Baranovichi poultry farm. Yesterday poultry farm management sent a fax copy of the order in Bobruisk about her dismissal for absenteeism. Taisa Kabanchuk not exclude that the dismissal may be due to its role in the elections.
Stock activist worked 18 months. Tasks in relation to the head of Anna Tarkan began a month back. By Thais Kabanchuk, Head knew she intensively engaged public activities, running for Chamber of Deputies Representatives:
"I do not know what it is all tie. Either this initiative personally head … It is nestled. I started having all these difficulties, exactly how I started my election campaign, Election work. So they began to coincide again. "
Taisiya Kabanchuk officially fired for absenteeism without respectful circumstances. So says in the order of dismissal, which yesterday fax to Bobruisk wholesale makeup sent Baranovichi poultry farm management. Dismissal activist now confirmed in the personnel department of the enterprise:
"She was missing a day or three in the workplace and did not provide any documents confirming the legality of this. She spoke yesterday of special training. She explained to her all the legal form this issue. Why was fired on what grounds. If she does not agree with this, then we’ll call it. "
Taisa Kabanchuk said base and blames illegal dismissal of Head of provocative actions:
"Last month, when the conflict began, the head took my keys and every day read that on this day are all leaving work. And we’re leaving, and she later wrote to me clear that I went to work. I have witnesses who confirm in writing that clearly do not correspond to the reality of the head. "
On legal advice Taisa Kabanchuk now returned to work. Lawyer recommended reads Kabanchuk, "while I familiarize with the order and I will not sign it, go to work." Requests that the labor legislation.
By Thais Kabanchuk, Head, litsezrev her workplace, called the police:
"A policeman came, we interviewed two-yi, a documentary record is all head and said that I should stay in their own workplace, until I get the order."
Find out about the world head of conflict with its own slave failed. Phone at her workplace for a few hours did not answer.
Taisa Kabanchuk states that will go to work until you are familiar with the original order. The personnel department said that the order to bring the composition of Bobruisk soon.
On days of Taisa Kabanchuk voluntarily withdrew from the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk). Nonpartisan candidate for deputatstvo in House of Representatives the list of "European Belarus" is running on Asipovichy constituency.

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