Boris Khamayda fined 200 thousand

Administrative protocol Khamaida police drew July 10 — on the day he was arrested about of so-called "Blue house" — the house number 28 Lenin Street — and taken to the police station.
At a meeting of the administrative committee Vitebsk opposition visited twice. First time on July 30, he claimed, that the commissioners debated with him in Belarusian or an interpreter. Now as an interpreter at a meeting attended by a white teacherRussian language Vitebsk secondary school number 21.
The Commission considered that Boris Khamaida times violating trade rules, approved by the Vitebsk city executive committee — it distributes newspapers about every resident of the famous Vitebsk "blue house," But this place is not listed among the city authorities approved outlets.
Oppositionist says that, despite the fine and rush to another place is not going to.

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