Borisov is news editor of a complaint to the CEC

In an interview with "Freedom" sovereign Bukas said:
"I was accused of incorrect data in the submitted declaration. Meanwhile, I did not hide a single penny. Presented a paper that received from an accountant. It is suggested that the profit for the year is the online currency amount purchased at the bank checks. Meanwhile Commission carried the for profit and the amount on the last edition of cashless payments per share, post, mail, etc. . "
According to Anatol Bukas, the error is not intentional, it does not indicate that the applicant for the candidate tried to falsify. The interviewee claims that the reason is explained Prof. uncertainty girls accountant.
"Today I asked the district commission extract from the minutes of the meeting tomorrow and go to Minsk in the CEC. Even financiers from the tax office they say that the truth be for me. "
By Anatol Bukas disk imaging, it is unnecessary government nominees. But his support of voters signed in 1148. When checking the district Election Commission 1 has rejected or not the first of them.

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