Borisov: official newspaper violated election law

August sixth newspaper Borisov Executive Committee "Unity", which has a circulation of more than 12 thousand copies, published an article "touched by the attention."
The creator of the material — a war veteran, the head of the town council of veterans Borisova Vladimir Zhukovsky — Writes about the current deputy Rep. Victor Huminski. After praises to the address of the sovereign creator Huminski appeals to readers of this call (quote):
"Viktor’s candidature in the composition of our new parliament. I appeal to the voters of the town to support me and give votes for this worthy and a tireless worker."
In Borisov and is going to run a local businessman Victor Gorbachev. Here is his comment:
"I would be immediately removed from the election — for such information face-off, such circulation and call vote for me, even on behalf of a third party. Not have the right to Newspaper Ispolkomovskaya take such an article. They are well aware of this, but print. The situation is repeated. It was the same with the sovereign in Kozik 2004. I then appealed their behavior. Then I uttered that they no longer will not do. "
Now Viktor Gorbachev, who, incidentally, has collected in his support for 2-a-half thousand voter signatures handed befitting a complaint to the district Election Commission. Another complaint was lodged by the CEC.

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