Botox Gel + = minus 15 years

Each woman will sooner or later think about a face lift, with many non-surgical want — that there was stitches, swelling, scarring. And few people realize that it does take just a timely appeal to the beautician. No need to wait until the age reassert itself, frightening morning in the mirror sagging face and wrinkles. Start the prevention of aging now and get rid of the prospects scalpel!

You 23-25? It's time to start low concentrations of chemical peeling, massage Lift6, which will keep the facial muscles toned, microcurrent, oxygen-ozone therapy, especially if you do not get enough fresh air.

You 25-35? The time has stronger chemical peels and mesotherapy with vitamin complexes and a small percentage of hyaluronic acid did not give the skin to lose elasticity.

At this age need to start preventing sagging facial contours. The force of gravity is inexorably "pulls" face down Brylkov appear under the eyes are outlined "provalchiki." Allies of gravity, no matter how sad is our own muscles of the lower third of the face and neck. We are sad, angry, reflect and omit the corners of her mouth, the muscles "depressors" strive as much as possible to lower down the contour of the face. They can and should "discipline"! Cosmetologist handle these muscles a bit of Botox, and priority will muscles that are responsible for the happy emotions, "podnimateli" of the upper lip and corners of the lips, cheek muscles, etc etc. After the introduction of Botox between the eyebrows straightened fold discontent between the eyebrows, the face will become calm view without losing facial expressions.

In addition, it is important to raise the brow to the upper eyelids and eyebrows are not "pressed down" of the eye. Is only two injections in the correct point (at the corner of the eyebrows and

Botox and Dysport

Contour Plastics

Hyaluronic acid

Non-surgical facial restoration

Beautiful lips

center of the nose) — and your eyes are more open and fatigue-free look at the world.

If you did not have time to form large excess skin, Botox can replace surgical facelift result is noticeable almost immediately — you'll be happy to look in the mirror every morning and see your face refreshed and rejuvenated.

The second indispensable "weapon of beauty" is a gel of hyaluronic acid and collagen, which is like magic removes wrinkles. Particularly spectacular results of the gel in eliminating "provalchikov" under the eyes — the face instantly poured freshness. It works great hyaluronic gel Stilazh or Repleri.

After 40 years, it is important to restore the youthful shape of a gentle and rounded chin, this is done by reducing the voltage of the chin muscles Botox and contouring gel Belotero.

Gloss recovery circuit is also necessary. Do not be afraid of unnatural, like our overly fond of show business stars. Gel made in Germany Belotero creates absolutely natural correction of lips and chin, no one will notice that you have been a cosmetologist, just make a compliment that you look good.

Sometimes the contour of the lips does not change with age, but there are purse-string lines on the lips and corners of lips sink. The introduction of hyaluronic gel in the corners of her lips on special scheme "pull tabs" allows you to lift the corners of that immediately enlivens the person is not changing it in any way. A little gel IAL systems in the purse-string lines will stretch their lips.

Very interesting results are obtained by "lifting" the cheekbones, the person acquires a charm and style, there are good denser drugs — collagen gel Evolans and hyaluronic gel Surzhiderm 24 high viscosity.

A gel Belotero software allows you to fully restore the youthful terrain rear of the hands, neck and chest. Do not believe me? Try it yourself! Wreaths and wrinkles will be noticeable immediately after administration.

It is easy to get lost in the gels and techniques? Not at all No! Experienced beautician immediately see which area of your face how best to work with gel. All of these drugs are natural, harmless, non-allergenic and virtually no contraindications.

The ideal is a combination of "Botox + gel" with a program of internal biological rejuvenation ""

This program is blocking the aging process and increase the period of active aging, it is based on international experience in the field of immunology and biochemistry and is the latest development of classical medicine. This is the result of more than 40 —summer research surveys Russian scientists. The program is designed for those who are every day more and more sorrowful age-related changes. For those who want to be healthy and beautiful, but do not want to give up "not healthy" lifestyle, delicious food, smoking and alcohol.

This is a unique opportunity to look and feel younger than their peers. This new fetal rejuvenation technology that produce changes at the cellular level. The course of treatment is used only officially registered Roszdravnadzor drugs produced in Russia, which is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the quality standards GOST R 52249-2004 "Rules of production and quality control of drugs" ISO series 9000-2001 And GMP.

The combined use of "" and "Botox + gel" can lose up to 15 years. Bring us your photo 15 —years ago, and we will have a comprehensive 'reconstruction' of your face.


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Phone: (499) 257-08-07, (495) 251-00-86


Remember, the sooner you contact the beautician, the less likely a visit to the surgeons!

Currently, the clinic Bio Vita Mi a special offer:

  • Facelift Botox edinichka 1 — 255 rubles
  • Gel Repleri — 7900 rubles
  • Belotero gel — 13,500 rubles

At each subsequent procedure discounts. The more you do, the less pay.

Sign up for a consultation with a doctor-cosmetologist by phone 8 —499-257-08-07 and learn all about your face: how to prevent aging, how to get rid of anything that you do not like your face. A program of unique biological rejuvenation "" Its combination with the program of face-lift "Botox gel +" gives exceptional results! Details on the free consultation.

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