Bowel disease

Diseases of the intestine.  Photo from

Bowel problems — a very sensitive topic, widely discussed which is not accepted. That is why many people who are concerned about flatulence and bloating, diarrhea, or, conversely, constipation, prefer to endure to the end, without going to the doctor. In the best case, such a person is trying to recover with the help of yogurt or other dairy products.

Fermented foods — a thing of course useful, but is only suitable for the prevention of intestinal problems. Blind can not cope with the disease. In order to establish the cause of the disease and to choose the correct treatment should consult a specialist — a gastroenterologist. The doctor will talk to you, palpate (palpate) your stomach and guide further research on — blood and stool, a colonoscopy, irrigoscopy (X-ray research barium bowel), etc.

If the results of studies in normally, butintestines still you are concerned about (pain around the navel or in the abdomen after eating, "morning" diarrhea after eating, bloating, etc.), most likely problems are associated with the features of your psyche and the "wrong" body's reaction to stress — the so-called irritable bowel syndrome . In this case, the real help you can have a psychologist.

At the same time, in the case of intestinal diseases such as acute or chronic colitis (inflammation of the lining of the large intestine), diverticulosis or diverticulitis (small saccular formation of protrusions in the intestinal wall and inflammation) requires a completely different approach. Treatment of these conditions should be started as early as possible, since they are all fraught with various complications, such as intestinal obstruction. With the development of complications, unfortunately, by a gastroenterologist may be insufficient and need surgery.

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