Boycott of elections immediately — utopia is at hand power

Gallery — Press conference of Alexander Kozulin

Foreword A.Kozulin

A.Kozulin knows how he was released

A.Kozulin of political prisoners
Kozulin: "If something happens to me, it will be on the conscience of the authorities"
A.Kozulin may call for a boycott
A.Kozulin reserves the right to call for a boycott of parliamentary elections and called on the EU and the U.S. to make a gift of the CEC — transparent boxes.
Alexander Kozulin believes that it will be necessary to boycott the elections if the authorities demonstrate unwillingness to hold elections democratically.
"Boycotting the elections outright — a utopia is at hand power. All our society should welcome the statement by the authorities democratization of the electoral process. When Lukashenko does not fulfill the duties hardly worth playing the scenario of power," — said Alexander Kozulin.
"The KGB created a special group that is looking for my family"
A. Kozulin said that he was constantly drive three cars. He believes that this security officers. Policies received information Tipo in the KGB and the security service works Lukashenko group of 10-15 people who are looking specifically for his family.
Kozulin said that he is healthy and has no tendency to heart attacks and strokes. "If something happens to me, it will be on the conscience of the authorities," — highlighted last political prisoner.
Freedom through the prison cafe

Kozulin said that his release was a complete surprise to him. He told that he was given virtually fees for 8-10 minutes, but usually referred to as doomed style sheet bypass for 5-6 hours. The politician said that at first he was given half an hour to pack, and later came and pronounced that there is no time to go.
Beyond the boundaries of the prison area A.Kozulin brought through the prison cafe. And once there he had a conversation with the deputy manager of the Department to implement the punishment. Kozulin bureaucrat said that he has been released under the decree Lukashenka. Kazulin under decree raspisvavsya not and should not beheld. According to a former political prisoner, order came Tipo fax.
Kozulin "born anew" and "starting from scratch"
Kozulin said that "starting from scratch". "Withdrawal from the post of chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk), I took it as a symbol of fate. I say goodbye to the past, I’m nobody, and it’s very nice," — he said and added: "I was born anew."

"The authorities expect that Kozulin start a war in opposition. Authorities want it. I needed positions. I’ll do everything to run in opposition scandals" — promised policies.
"Bullpen teaches patience, and patience — God’s gift," — said Alexander Kozulin
"I’m ready to go back to jail"
The politician said he believes pardon humiliating yourself. According to him, leaving the bullpen, he did not know what mercy, otherwise would have acted differently.
"I would never come out, until Kim and Parsyukevich released, I would be dragged out of the bullpen," — said Alexander Kozulin.
The last presidential candidate thanked the U.S. for its "firm position, which became the foundation of liberation."
A.Kozulin 4 July blast: criminals never went out and brought
"The explosion was made not just artistically, but very skillfully, right directional act" — said last presidential candidate. — "They (the organizers — RS) never went out and brought, or went out and brought figureheads," — he added. "Our homeland led military action on the territory of a sovereign country" A.Kozulin condemned acts Misha Saakashvili
Georgian-Ossetian conflict
and called him a "war against its own people." Together with this, he noted that the acts of the Russian Federation were adequate Georgian, and added: "Our homeland led military action on the territory of a sovereign country." "I demand the release of A. Kim and unquestioning S.Parsyukevicha" "I demand unquestioning release me, Andrei Kim and Sergei Parsyukevich. Only this can be a definite step Belarusian authorities, which may be followed conducting any negotiations", — quotes

A.Kozulin words. Politician called for the U.S., EU and OSCE to stick on Belarus alternate policy.
A. Kozulin go to the presidential elections in 2011, "I will participate in the presidential elections, but do not know in what capacity," — said the last political prisoner now at the press conference ..
He added that before the election 3 years — "period, according to Belarusian standards, a large" — reports
Prior to his current press conference policies do not give detailed interviews by journalists. A.Kozulin released during the election campaign in the House of Representatives. August 31, the Council of the united democratic forces will have to decide either not opposition political parties to participate in elections. August 3 at the next congress of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Alexander Kozulin. was removed from the post of chairman of the organization. Became the new manager
Anatoly Lewkowicz
Members of the faction "for inner-Party democracy" did not recognize the election results. Respective application to partners parties in Belarus and abroad signed 130 people.
August 19, the former presidential candidate took a notable members of an unregistered organization "Young Front".
Over the last four a day or A.Kozulin met with representatives of the opposition parties. August 16 decree of President Alexander Kozulin was released from the bullpen "Vitsba-3." There politician served 5.5 years in prison on charges of organizing mass riots in the day Freedom March 25, 2006. Earlier Kozulin said that would be released only after the authorities unleash political prisoners Sergei Parsyukevi

Andrei Kim.

A. Kim was sentenced to one and a half years. Man accused that he threatened a police officer during a protest on January 10 businessmen. Sergei Parsyukevich, a favorite of businessmen from Vitebsk, was imprisoned for two and a half years. The Tribunal found him guilty of what he Tipo beat guard when serving arrest for his role in the action business.

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