Brand new land Kolas started Ukrainian language

Babilyulka: "I am absolutely convinced that the poem" The newcomer land "is very close and dear as for Belarusian, and for the Ukrainian people, "- said the Chairman of the Municipal Department of Ukraine Valentin Babilyulka printing.
Valery Strelko translated poem. At the presentation he made in Belarusian: arrow: "All the same, the language Kolas. A Colas — it truly is the voice of Belarusian people, Belarusian literature, culture, civilization. Naturally, great was the responsibility — to take the job. And even more so I’m glad that the work is over, and ended in the best way. Published book publishing in the best of Ukraine — "Ukrainian writer." And many people have helped me. "
The presentation was attended Kolas relatives — his son Daniel K. and granddaughter Faith Miscavige.
Miscavige: "I, unfortunately, did not know his grandfather — the youngest of the grandchildren. C. told my dad I know that Yakub Kolas very fond of Ukraine, he did not once been there. It was 1928 and, in 1939, and is running when Yanka Kupala they drove on the anniversary of Shevchenko. Many Ukrainian writers were friends with Konstantin, came to visit. "
Introduction to the "newest land" wrote Belarusian poet, winner of the State Prize of Belarus Anatol Vertinsky.
Vertinsky, "Valery arrow — he and the emperor, he and the emperor, he and fellow. If imply the work he did — is a creative feat, without exaggeration. Eldest son, Daniel K. Kolas very laconically and accurately determine the value of the poem: — "The newcomer earth" — is brand new, is independent Belarus.
It is in this idea "newest land." At this point the poem appeared in the Ukrainian language. And "The newcomer earth" will work on the altar of the free, to be independent, democratic Ukraine. "

Scion Kolas — Daniel Miscavige

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