Bread is not cheaper, even if I was collecting more

And reports from the sound complaints death mechanics, difficulties at harvest plots. People ask the question: hold out the price of bread?
Let’s start with complaints that "Freedom" gets These days are from the villagers. Grudge — nyazzhatyya band breads. For example, in the agricultural cooperative "Spark of Hope" Pukhavichy district yesterday appointed harvester threshing on acres. Tolls Hope Gulyako:
"Cooperative harvester threshing here yesterday — four thousand rubles per one hundred square meters. Over 10 acres — 40 thousand. Neighbor stalls runs yesterday, sobbing:" I have no money. Who give money! "Well, my mother lent Nadia Philippi. She shook."
Correspondent"Municipal propaganda sobbing currently states that gained not by habit a large grain harvest in Belarus. And you notice that on the spot?"
"I think it is exaggerated. But the road is dotted with all all the way … Look at the ravens. Feed up crows! And what a real collection, I do not know. But I think it is still a little trepotnya. I do not think so threshed" .
On the complaint of Hope and other Gulyako inform the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Vladimir Kuratnik. It confirms the lag in the harvest on acres. Explains it:
"All the same plots of land — is horticultural land. Naturally, combines high performance we had not we exhaust. Molotov others. About 35 percent have already gathered."
Speaking bureaucrat says that farms and household plots together receive about 9 million tons of grain.
Unfortunately, this bread is sourced not without human blood. Exclusively in the Vitebsk region in the last week in the harvest, killing three people. BACKGROUND refers to the Deputy Head of the Department of Labour Inspection Sergei Anoufriev:
"The only thing I can say is people need to be trained and qualified to have its proper work on this machine. That is — the original requirement. If people knew how to drive a combine, was familiar with other aspects, then such would have happened."
One of the issues that also cause the population of the results of the harvest — whether today’s collection ensures the stability of prices of bread and other products? Alexander Yarashuk, past Deputy Chairman of Minsk City Executive believes that the bread does not become cheaper in Belarus, even if a fee Belarus was more
"This is exactly the situation when the number of grains does not affect the prices of agricultural products. Do not think it’s worth waiting a bit of the best for those who dream of lower prices. Hardly they will be lower to the same as the bad things are happening in the economy. Interviewed necessary to conduct that will increase food prices, in including and bread. "

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