Bridges in Z.Kuhlyaya twice fingerprinted

Now in the second half of a day or in Bridges came KGB captain Oleg Zhyvushka to take fingerprints Dmitry pint — Party’s general election list United Democratic Forces.
To do this, Captain Zhyvushka visited him at work in the enterprise "Mostovdrev" where Dmitry works as a translator. This is done in connection with the blast in Minsk on July 4, explained to him. After the procedure, the young released.
First time fingerprints Dmitry Kuhleya taken on July 22. Then he was taken to Shchuchyn in interdistrict department of the KGB, which was questioned in the case of 4 July blast in Minsk.
Dmitry Kukhlej — Member of Mosty District Council. It stands out from the UDF in Mostovskoi constituency number 56. Managing it campaign Ales Zarembyuk believes that the KGB acts indicate the desire to make psychological pressure on Kuhleya. Its activities of the group was registered in the first environment, and it has managed to collect about four hundred signatures for nomination of a candidate Dmitry said A.Zarambyuk.

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