Bronchitis in children: what to do?

With the arrival of autumn and the cold winter upon us piled colds and sickness. Worst of all have children. Drafts, overwork, constant congestion in the team are doing their dirty work. Children are constantly sick! Take, for bronchitis, which is feared by all parents: "The child is constantly coughing, nothing works!".

How to treat cough in children, will tell Buteyko Clinic's chief medical officer — Andrey Novozhylov:

— At a bronchitis cough is accompanied by fever and expectoration. This bronchitis is different from other diseases of the upper respiratory tract, in which children are coughing too (laryngitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis). Bronchitis is often caused by bacteria (streptococcus, pneumococcus, etc.) or viruses (influenza, adenovirus, etc.), at least — a fungal infection or contact with allergens / toxic substances.

— A so-called "cold" — why?

— They are caused by hypothermia, which is the trigger for the development of inflammation of the bronchi. As a result of hypothermia reduced immunity, infection and immediately enjoys it. Often act as an aggressor own "native" microorganisms that have hitherto silently "lived" in the body. It starts with an inflammatory process in the bronchial mucosa — increased secretion of mucus. When listening to found the so-called "hard breathing" — this is when the doctor is clearly heard and inhale and exhale. Normally, you would hear only one-third of the exhalation! As the sound appear sporadic wheezing, whistles associated with the formation of phlegm.

— Sometimes, a child hug, and he and gurgles inside!

— Yes, it's phlegm makes itself felt. In the normal state phlegm is produced continuously — This is a well thought out nature of special protective barrier, which has anti-microbial, anti-viral properties. Necessary for the body fluid. In the bronchi there are drainage function — this is when the bronchial tree is self-cleaning, cleaning bronchial phlegm rises up and quietly swallowed. None of the healthy individuals this mechanism does not even notice. Another thing is sick. Number of phlegm increases dramatically, it will override the airways, "plugs" small and medium-sized bronchi. Disrupted ventilation, produced stagnation, broken drainage function — bronchus are no longer able to self-clean.

— As a kid can get rid of excess phlegm?

— At the beginning of the disease, cough, usually dry. The inflammatory process exacerbates the reflex zones associated with the purification of the bronchi, coughing increases. Then, if the image is too large amount of phlegm, she starts to depart when you cough. Spit it all or not — is not important. Most importantly, do not raskashlivat themselves on purpose, as some advise. It can not be done! Everything should be as nature intended. Hears the mother — the child's cough and chest with him all the bubbles — is moving away sputum. So, everything is going according to plan.

The forcible removal of sputum is very harmful and fraught with development of obstructive bronchitis in children. Cough should by all means to restrain, not giving yourself raskashlivatsya. It is not always possible, for example, are very difficult to control nocturnal cough in children. But it is important, we are not only for appearance's sake shut her mouth when coughing, thus we intuitively restrain new attacks.

— Coughs children who came after illness in an institution contagious?

— When a microbial infection — not dangerous, virus — yes. Any virus, as well as all known influenza virus is highly contagious, transmitted by airborne droplets. When talking, coughing he "scatters" in the region of 10 meters in search of a new victim. In general, viruses constantly "rotate" among the people, but they are particularly aggressive in times of epidemics. Then the disease and acquire mass, povalny character.

— It turns out that the cough is necessary to cure the complete disappearance, and then go to the "world."

— Yes, in any case necessary to treat cough. Children with undertreated bronchitis can not be conducted in an institution if the child was hypothermic, sweated, will fall under the cold air — bronchitis again again again. Ptinuous ill with children are those kids whose parents just do not give a cheer, "how to" and thus do not allow to recover. Bronchitis in children not finish the cure. And it happens all the time. I understand the rhythm of life is such that everyone should faster to work, to school …. That's barely dragged oklemalas coughing children in kindergartens and schools. A vicious circle! One has to choose: either we raise healthy children, or career. The child must be physiologically stay at home for their full recovery to normal life! At rest, warm, with a cup of hot, sweet tea …. Through 2-3 Weeks of acute bronchitis inevitably passes. The disease is simply compelled to retreat under normal conditions, just need to be given time.

— Require absolutely unreal things!

— See for yourself. For the week of standard drug treatment, we are seeking to ensure that they are leaving symptoms of bronchitis, normal temperature, it returns good feeling, but it is only at first glance. Residual inflammation with impaired breathing and impaired drainage of the bronchial tubes is still holding. He is "quenched" for only three weeks. Unless, of course, will not go into obstructive bronchitis.

— Parents today are a lot of hard work. The child, much less a sick child — a serious problem for a career. But the child 5-6 Years old will not leave for the day at home alone. What to do?

— Output is simple — use medicines that exist for this volume in put or look for an alternative medication.

— Where?

— Here in the Buteyko Clinic, has long been developed and successfully applied program of treatment of chronic bronchitis, particularly its acute forms, the treatment of long-term cough with non-drug using the Buteyko method. We have explained for the first time — as cure bronchitis in children without the possibility of repeated exacerbations. Thanks to the Buteyko method in the child's medical history in his chronic bronchitis may be maintained as an unpleasant memory.

With2008 Buteyko method is included in the document of Ministry of Health, which regulates the treatment of broncho-pulmonary pathologies —The national program "Bronchial asthma in children. The strategy of treatment and prevention. "

— What advice can you give to parents who are not yet able to come to your clinic?

Parents are required to ensure that the baby is breathing, do not allow him to breathe through the open mouth. Teach your child to cough up that easily and seamlessly moved away phlegm. It is important that the child is not "struggling to cough," and allowed himself only mild "khekayuschie" sounds, be sure to close the mouth. It should also try to avoid the first convulsive breath after a long, protracted cough. Cold air in a large volume annoying reflex zones, and starts to cough himself to "support."

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