Canadian scientists have invented how to fool Internet censorship

Laboratory Director Ronald Deybert Tarontskaga Institute calls its program from "Psiphon" as "a deceiver censorship." Initially, it can be loaded by nationals of States where there is no Internet censorship, for example, the U.S. or Germany. These people then give the corresponding web address to your friends or employees in countries where such censorship exists. The address is not like ordinary, consisting of letters, for example, as the address our radio, and is a series of numbers. And the user in China or Iran may want to visit the site without problems.
Sovereign Deybert convinced that citizens of authoritarian states with all this little risk of being caught by authorities visiting objectionable Web sites.
Minimized the risk for users
Deybert: "They can come together through at least some computer having access to the web. They do not need to download to their own side. It was our conscious choice to minimize risk to persons using Psiphon in places where there is censorship."
Relationship between nick and applets Psiphon server remains hidden due to inventory, similar to those used during the currency payments via the web. So makarom authorities can not find the content of the traffic.
80 thousand people are already enjoying the latest applets
The program has become quite popular, with the December 1, 2006 from the Web site to download it 80 thousand persons every day users it joins another 500 people. It is impossible to find out who it is, but developers can already rejoice positive reviews Iranian representatives, Vietnamese and Chinese diaspora.
Deybert: "At the moment I think that the base of users applets is much more extensive than we initially expected. We wonder what our first nick become human rights groups and dissidents. Aaplet But already uses a wide network of non-governmental organizations from countries in which there Internet censorship, as well as among those where there is no censorship. This significant portion of users applets — journalists. "
Sovereign Deybert predicts future growth of the number of users the latest applets because Internet censorship in the world weakens. For example, not so long ago, the Chinese equipment to filter the Web adopted in Uzbekistan. Development develops and after as specialists from Toronto presented their aaplet programmers from commercial companies producing equipment for filtering web, improve their products.

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