Capital wipers: who are they?

In the management of housing and communal services of Minsk City Executive Committee on present day 6636 working janitors. An employee of the department of labor and wages is recognized:
Employee: "routine most people retire. Held in the main only pensioners and those who have a farm dwelling. Youth are not delayed, dismissed."
Official housing are very few: now he do not give a janitor. Because janitors working in the main ladies of retirement age. My companion — 57-year-old Anna — 30 years I worked at the knitting factory, it reduced just before retirement. Settled janitor. Working capital janitor day begins …
Anna: "As usual, at half past six in the morning. If the snow comes and half the fifth."
Correspondent "winter a lot of work?"
Anna: "A lot, especially if the snow. Was very tired."
Reporter: "A means of mechanization have any?"
Anna: "When very many snow machine happens. And in the main hands to work. "
Reporter: "From whom you have the most problems: babies, dogs and adults?"
Anna: "From children. And seeds, and bottles — all lying on the ground. And all you need to clean up. Enough mud in the yard.» And under congresses — in the main seeds. If the big frost, so a lot of garbage . "
Correspondent "Earlier wipers gave service apartments. And presently some benefits, promotion is?"
Anna: "No, no!"
Reporter: "And what wages?"
Anna: "Malo. Often 300 thousand, 330 — as a closed meeting."
Guys in the midst of the capital wipers still less than the ladies. And in the main it is very elderly people. Talk to the old man, part of which quite simply exemplary: sidewalks cleared, sprinkled with sand.
Correspondent "Bronislaw Vatslavich much years for you?"
Janitor: "’81".
Reporter: "81 years old, and up to This time work? Pension is not enough or just used to work? "
Janitor: "No, I just got used to work."
Reporter: "Is not it hard? I see such drifts piled … "
Janitor: "In the summer still around like snow, then tough. All work languid."
Reporter: "There is a primitive device you — wash on the rope. And that, no no cars, no more modern devices? "
Janitor: "As is. And what can you do — it’s our job. "
Correspondent "scraper, shovel, broom. But young people do not go to the wipers work?"
Janitor: "Yes, do not go."
Why young people do not go to the janitors, where not so little jobs, explains 57-year-old widow Anna.
Anna: "Youth walks, reads:" Oh, the cleaning lady sweeps! "These young people will never go, because it will call. Even my daughter and what smuschyaetsya assist states that it is shameful. Youth will never be clean!"

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