Ceausescu, 1968 — Lukashenko, 2008

Most of the observers are inclined to think that well, maybe not immediately, let pagandlyavavshysya but admits will be a Russian channel, where does, tied hand and foot. But — not guilty.
No, formally speaking, the solution seems to be delayed, it is suggested to see the issue in the Council of the Collective Security contract. But it’s just bureaucratic trick — Kazakhstan with its glorious Russian minority, Kyrgyzstan with their ethnic neuvvyazkami, and other members of the contract does not show intent to support Russia in this issue. Well discuss what? How will decide — by a majority vote? So courtesy of Minsk — a rejection and nothing else.
You can imagine for yourself what make this decision Lukashenko hard. For the question — really fundamental question of war and peace, a matter of life and death. Lukashenko could not help but realize that his decision in the eyes of Moscow, especially in the mental state in which it is located, it will be a traitor.
And the fact that the initiative of the Russian Federation did not support one another, from the sentence did not help out. Well, China has refused to, well, even with Cuba Venesuela silent — is far away, their their classifications. And here — Belarus, but how much money is given to her, so much of the same eternal unity of Lukashenko listened — about tanks, under which Belarusians will go if NATO goes to Moscow. Well, that went — in the imagination of Russians segodnyaschy situation — specifically something similar. And Lukashenko says — no. The words he was generous in Sochi, though under duress razlivavsya how wisely, relaxed and perfectly acted Our homeland in Georgia, even met with the favorites of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. And in the current telegram Medvedev Lukashenko also gives tribute to the rhetoric, they say, Our homeland had no other moral choice but to recognize. Words, words, words … But when it’s time to take a final decision in charge, it was adopted.
This I mean that the head of Belarus owed represent the extent of Russian revenge for the fact that those deemed treason. In This is the meaninge and the current decision and the release of political prisoners, and new electoral environment is invested in a chain — a chain of majestic rotation, in the hope that he would find in the West, protection and support from the Russian strike in response. In time West was very supportive of the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in a couple of small steps almost made them a few demonstrations of what he — not a complete doll Kremlin. In the midst of such steps was 40 and the refusal years ago Romanian troops to join the invasion of Warsaw Pact forces Czechoslovakia.
The present decision Lukashenko is very similar to the then decision Ceausescu.
And I think that for him Lukashenko receives from the West in full, as it Ceausescu. A Belarusian opposition have to take to recognize reality of the modern world, in which decisions are made by the true policy, and not just great people with good intentions.

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