Chairman of the Supreme Court is not aware of prison for role in Yuen front

Four thousand convicts with over Seventy thousand convicts could get another penalty, not related to the bullpen, if the judge so desires. Chairman of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukala at a press conference on the results of 2006.
Valentine Sukala asked: could the midst of these "very aggressive" be punished last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin and whether it is likely to yield freedom is now This year? Responding to this question, Chairman of the Supreme Court has never said the word "Kozulin":
Sukala "As for things about which you asked, then it has not been accessed in the High Tribunal to challenge the verdict. Partially parole may also be, but you need to look how many people already served punishment as behaved. If they apply for premature release, all will be considered. "
Chief Justice Valentin Sukala did not give estimates sentence Alexander Kozulin, who was sentenced to five and a half years on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of street riots. Kazulin guilty himself recognizes and explains own persecution by political motives.
Valentin Sukala not answer the question regarding the implementation of the Criminal Code against the activists of "Young Front" and other youth organizations, which blame or punish acts on behalf of an unregistered organization. "Do we have such prisoners?" — Interested Valentin bitch.
Journalists reminded the chairman of the Supreme Court about the case of the favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich, who is serving a sentence in Shklou colony. Valentin Sukala further promised to teach such things. "Supreme Tribunal does not perceive the laws and not commenting on the laws. Judges use laws, and we orient them to stay away from politics, "- said Valentin bitch.
In Last year, According to Valentine Sukala workload on Belarusian referees significantly improved — every month the average arbitrator considers more than 43 cases at the rate of 30 fifth It came to the same as many people are judged not once — repeat offenders has increased by 40%. Chairman of the Supreme Court recognized that judges began to carry less acquittal and often make bad decisions. Seven arbitrators dismissed last year for various violations.
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