Chairman, Subcommittee on Belarus PACE — for the purpose of the Special Rapporteur

Herkel: "After all the issues related to Belarus concern not only elections. And this applies to the whole range of events that are happening in this country. For example, Pourgourides was so dakladchkam and it was the last special report submitted to the Parliamentary Assembly. It was Three years reversed. As for presidential elections, it was urgent debates. But a similar need special report in the not to distant future will present to the Parliamentary Assembly. I can only express my regret that the problem with the speakers have some syndrome. Already the second speaker in a row failed to hold until the end of their work. But I hope that will be the third, which is still in 2007 present a special report. "
As sovereign Herkel assesses the situation in Belarus?
Herkel: "Unfortunately, this situation has not changed in a positive direction. Naturally, there are new elements — the increase in prices for oil and gas. And this in the near or distant future can influence the political situation and the activity of the people in the state. We look very closely at those what’s happening. With viewpoint democratic development, unfortunately, positive developments in Belarus was not. Naturally, there was the visit of the President of the Parliamentary Assembly, but so far impossible to make any conclusions that it had an impact. And questions about political prisoners, non-governmental organizations and freedom of speech — it’s basic requirements remain. In order to Belarus returned for himself the special guest status with the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe, You need to have positive signs. With the current situation, I do not see that anything has changed. "

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