Cheerless day Belarusian Olympians

I would not like to think that even a day for the Olympics will be Belarusian athletes same bleak.
To success can be attributed quite small — winning tennis. Beating Australian Casey Dellacqua, Victoria Azarenka came in eighth end, where he met with American Williams. But not with Syrynay that knocked out of the tournament Belarusian Olga Govortsova, and her younger sister Vines. Yes, and that is at the Hall of Fame on the 8 steps above Azarenka.
Azarenka also now paired with Tatiana Poutchek Estonians beat Kai Kanepi and Maret Ani: In the eighth end Belarusians met with American Lindsay Devenport and Layzel Guber. Won on Tuesday and second Belarusian tennis duo for 2-tiebreaker Govortsova and Darya Kustova Chinese women beat Peng Shuai and Song Tsyantsyan and in a subsequent round of play with Ukrainian women Lena and Ekaterina Bondarenko.
As before, no fun Belarusian boxer. Vosled Ramazan Magamedavym and Magomed Nurudinavym Now out of control Khavazhi Hatsygov (Category up to 54 kg). The last of the Belarusians boxer at the Olympics will start Victor Zuev (Up to 91 kg). However, he was not lucky with the draw — tomorrow Zuev will fight world champion Klemente Rousseau from Italy.
Now conceded his rival Belarusian duzhanniki: Greco-Roman style — Yuri Dubinin (Up to 60 kg) and judo — Sergei Shundikov (Up to 81 kg).
The current favorite in Europe fehtavanni Alexander Buikevich 1/16 the end defeated Alexey Yakimenko from Russia, in the eighth — Nicholas Limbaha from Germany, but lost to in the quarterfinals Mikhail Kovalev from Romania. Valery Acceptance and Dmitry Lapkes finished his speech in the sixteenth end.
In archery Catherine Muluk overcome stage 1/32 end where defeated Natalia Sanchez from Colombia. But in the sixteenth Muluk dropped out of the fight: Chinese woman was weaker than Chen Lin.
Sports columnist "Narodnaya Volya" Ales Sivyi believes that, despite the troubles, something very terrible has happened:
"After all, the basic rate we done on light and languid athletics, academic veslavanne. Because our medals, I believe, is still ahead. Another thing is that some of our athletes perform poorly — the same boxer duzhanniki, wrestlers who have already pavybyvali from the competition. From this sports minister Alexander Grigorov, who is also head of the Boxing Federation, will draw certain conclusions. At least, that you can not continue to rely on a boxer who we bring to Belarus from Russia. And this will be one of the lessons of the Olympics .
Well, to vorachivayas medals, I think they have 12 pieces, we will. "
The greatest number of titles until captured hosts — 13. In second place — athletes from the United States (7), on the 3rd — South Korea (5). U.S. Olympians lead in the total amount of medals — 21, followed by more hosts — 20, and has the twelfth Korea Tags: day, olympics, 4th

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