Chinese aircraft carrier is expanding its capabilities

First Chinese aircraft carrier «Liaoning» graduated from a three-week access to the sea, during which it was achieved several critical milestones in the trials of the ship, now reports The ship returned to port Nov. 11.

One of them is the launch fighter J-15 with all 3 takeoff position on the deck of an aircraft carrier (two in front of superstructure and one corner). So Makar, the ship showed the ability to run three fighters immediately.

Another important step was the assembly and disassembly of jet engines J-15 during the voyage. Service engines is an important element in maintaining wing combat readiness. Latin American carriers have ample capacity for maintenance installations Drivetrain aircraft and helicopters.

The principal advantage of U.S. aircraft carriers is the ability to get new engines using decked transport aircraft Northrop Grumman C-2 Greyhound. These aircraft require a catapult to take off their unrealistic to use «Liaoning», having only jumps.

China’s Ministry of Defence reported that crews were more capable of carrying out missions from the deck of an aircraft carrier. Yet, nothing is said about whether there were night takeoffs and landings fighters.

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