Chukotka port Pevek opened to foreign vessels

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree number 1389-P to open a seaport Pevek to foreign vessels. The press service of the Russian government.
The draft order is designed by Ministry of Transport of Russia in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 5 of the Federal Law "On the internal waters, territorial sea and contiguous zone of the Russian Federation."
Sea Port Pevek, located in Chaun Bay of the East Siberian Sea, is one of the main ports of the Northern Sea Route. Founded in April 1951. The total length of the quay wall is 499 meters. The port is accessible to vessels calling at the port water area with a draft of up to 13 m for the approach to the pier — from 7.8 to 9.3 m maximum length of vessels handled at the marine terminal is 177.2 m, maximum width — 24.55 m  
Seaport is a member of the Association of Sea Commercial Ports ASOP and the most northern seaport of federal importance in our country. For achievements in providing an overload of national economic goods to the developing regions of Chukotka and Magadan region, sea port Pevek decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from December 16, 1982 was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor".
In 2013 dockers navigation seaport Pevek plans to process 200,000 tons of various cargo. In the most northern Russian port 49 is expected to ship calls.
In subsequent years, there will be a tendency to increase the traffic in connection with the arrangement of construction camps and the start of new fields "May", "Double", "gerbil."
Currently, imported goods for all phases of exploration and construction come to port after their registration in crossing the state border of the Russian Federation, established in the seaport of Providence, which significantly increases the cost of the delivery of goods to customers.
"This order is aimed at giving the international status of the port and will take a decision on the establishment of the port crossings across the state border of the Russian Federation", — said in a reference to the document.
The implementation of the order will not entail additional costs from the federal budget.

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