CIS leaders are silent

While the governments of the CIS partially remained silent on the issue of the Russian-Georgian conflict. Matthew Klements with British media company Jane’s, which covers issues of safety, explains:
"For most of the CIS countries Our homeland — the main strategic partner and they are not interested exacerbate case with Moscow — it would have been dealt them great harm. Because in their interest to remain silent."
Single quotes here — Ukraine. Ukrainian government did not make any specific condemnation of, but the Ukrainian Ministry Foreign Affairs issued a statement in which Russia warns against a possible role of the Black Sea Fleet in the conflict over South Ossetia. As thesmiling in a statement, the Ukrainian party reserves the right to prohibit the return to the country of Ukraine to resolve the conflict of ships that can take the role of in hostilities.
Midst of Governors of the CIS states on the conflict spoke only Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. After meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the Beijing Olympics, Nazarbayev first day of the conflict referred to as unwise decision to send troops into Georgia South Ossetia and called on all sides to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict.
Matthew Klements with British media company Jane’s states authorities many CIS states may consider a formal basis for the role of Russia in the conflict over South Ossetia — the protection of citizens — as a terrible precedent. In almost all CIS countries have sufficiently large Russian minority.
"We beheld in the years that Putin was in power, the restoration of Russian power through economic growth. And [Our homeland] showed moree desire role in the affairs of the former Russian republics, to save them in the Russian sphere of influence. This again confirms the fact Our homeland that ready to participate in a military conflict, to save their own impact in the regions, which she sees a part of their sphere. Because I think that for the majority of post-Soviet states it is very exponential event. "Tags: Our homeland, war, conflict, CIS, Ossetia, southern, georgia

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