City dump may seem in place Stalinist executions

The question of the death of victims of communist repression affected in the roundtable on processing, storage and disposal.
BelaPAN quotes the words of the chief of the institute "Belkommunproekt" Valeria Selivanov, who said that "when selecting a site for a new ground of the relation of our plot to the story of Stalin’s repressions nobody asked. And because design organizations this problem not considered separately. "
Chief engineer of the project Ivan Halushko argues that before the construction of modern landfills historical research will:
Halushko: "The issue of the site itself engaged Institute" Minskgrado. "This site was transferred a couple of times, To get away from these graves. And we possible further moved away from them. Do not think that we have not considered this question. We know this. There were several meetings "Menskpraektse", "Minskgrado", the Committee of Architecture and Construction. And we have suffered this site. "Minskgrado" overarching scheme developed throughout the area taking into account the graves and the Nazi camps. All questions were addressed. And we agreed. "
But experts at not convinced that the new city on the site of mud NO remains of victims of communist terror. Ming says researcher, historian Igor Kuznetsov:
Kuznetsov: "Where is 1956 segodnyaschy trastsyanetskaya dump — a place where executions were carried out pre-war. While landfill made camp in the buffer zone of destruction Trostenets. Prewar She buried executions. Prewar There and shootings and executions of political prisoners there June 26, 1941, and sporadic shootings were after the war. It is possible that this area was carried out executions and Germans. And at the moment possible find if they dug a hole there — were there remains or not? Maybe it was, but they do not advertise. "
New smetstsezbornik built about 95%, and will work in 2008. Igor Kuznetsov says that at the moment it is unrealistic to check whether there is the burial place. But it is possible to carry out studies in the neighborhood and find exactly where are victims of Stalinist repression.

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