Collective farms have to pay higher prices for nitrogen fertilizers

"State support" in the prices of "Ashdod" expect more than a month. Besides increasing the price of nitrogen fertilizer, it was determined that for their production company will sell gas at 103 bucks per a thousand cubic meters, and for other purposes — for 120 bucks. This our radio said the head of independent trade union of the enterprise Sergey Antusevich.
Can act as a collective, faced with significant enough nitrogen fertilizer price increase? Outlook Grodno scientist Valentin Lucko:
Lucko: "If the collective will to thirty to thirty five percent increase in price, at least a third of them will try to make up for these fertilizers nedakupam to pay less. Unless add 10-15 percent of fertilizers, it will not lead to lower yields as this figure, and reduced productivity in the Grodno region not over percent for five to seven. Means half the land compensates in the first year. "
But if you continue to save on fertilizer, yields will start to fall, says Valentin Lucko. Understandable, but authorities have the funds to provide agricultural fertilizers.
On my own experience knows a farmer from the Slonim District Henry Zasimovich:
Zasimovich "Oh say for themselves: in Last year signed such a contract with the district executive committee, I’m at the end of the year on the results of crop rent out 30 tons of barley, and under this fee you give me nitrogen, phosphate, potash. And it was only two potassium he deshevenky. About nitrogen: Now-now will … A need also to sow the soil to feed somehow. They thou this, later feeding! Well, well — planted, fertilizer is about to be, and then wham: "The budget has no money." And he did not buy for the money, and the budget is not given, and harvest the results were bad. "
Henry Zasimovich states that declared monotonous support from municipal funds and collective farms, and farmers, but the reality might be different.
Grodno scientist Valentin Lucko notes that farmers, even at the end of the year, but must pay for fertilizer. Because today’s higher prices for nitrogen peel directly on the villagers:
Lucko "This load is not on a budget, my world, is the load on the real worker. "
Valentin Lucko said: people will have to work harder to farm received previous income, but they will not pay the extra effort: wages will not change.

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