Collectors of signatures: People do not believe in elections

Independent contender for the candidate in the Grodno district number 49 Zanemanskaya Sergei Kuzminok knows that when you have to ask to sign a bureaucrat or police officers, so they immediately respond that sign for applicants from power.
Kuzminok"Very bad thing people do not believe in elections, shall be removed to subscribe to believe that all the same for all of us do. And that, he says, we will choose, will not change anything. "
UCP member, Yury Istomin, collected signatures in Novogrudskaya constituency number 50 members seventh group activity opponent spread among the people rumored that you can only subscribe to the 1st applicant.
Yury Istomin was amazed how people Novogrudok relate to future elections.
Istomin"People are very unhappy with the cancellation of benefits, increasing food prices. Nowogródek, in general, very depressed region, and there is much few places where people can find a decent job."
Slonim collects a signature with his own band member BPF "Revival", Dr. Ivan Sheha. His opponent — Chairman of the Executive Committee of Slonim. Now that reads Ivan Sheha:
Sheha"It turned out that the active members of the group executive committee chairman mislead people, because they say it, that the signatures should only be for the 1st applicant. I myself collect signatures, and I had read about people."

Dmitry KukhlejIn Bridges Dmitry Kukhlej draws attention to the fact that many are afraid to put their signature nominee for the United Democratic Forces.
Kukhlej"Some people they say that we support you, but we can not subscribe, as we may appear problem. But when it is really the problem with the signatures, then padpishamsya."
Virtually all applicants called main difficulty in collecting signatures that many at the moment there in apartments: people at parazyazhzhalisya cottages and holidays.
Yet, most of the claims that little tyscha necessary signatures already collected. Tags: election, signatures, Grodno region

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