Communal submitted to the tribunal by Ivan Kruk

Require the utility to invalidate complaints Ivan Kruk the supervising organization. They believe that the complaint humiliate their business reputation.
Kruk knows how, at the request of the inhabitants Astravets he wrote several complaints against public utilities, those that use illegal means, which is calculated from the people on the complete renovation of houses.
Complaints went to the Council of Ministers, Constitutional Court and the State Control Committee, also Ostrovetskii executive committee. Under them subscribed to 50 people.
First checks carried district executive committee, to no avail, says the Sovereign Crook:
"Then the representatives of the executive committee began to walk those people, who signed the complaint, and bully them. And I came out of the executive committee of the answer that Tipo no violations found. "
Whereupon Sovereign Kruk wrote a complaint to the Minister Interior and further to state control. On This time came from public utilities to inspect the area.
Crook: "After the inspection found that the funds were used inappropriately. C Housing Director, Sovereign Wroblewski, head accountant and engineer sought about 2 million fine. A material sent for testing to the district prosecutor’s office."
But that this occasion says Head of Housing, Alexander Ostrovetsky Wroblewski:
"According to his statements have been audited and no violations were found, and he was given the answer. I like honest people, I can not itself stsyarpets. Gryazyuku I just trashed."
Kruk says that the test results are unknown until the prosecutor, but the utility has filed a complaint to the tribunal. Ostrovetskii Tribunal refused to consider it, and sent to the regional, and then she came in Smorgon Regional Tribunal, where it should be considered on August 12.
Sovereign Crook currently engaged collecting signatures for nomination to the candidate in constituency number 53 Ivie. It states that such makarom authorities are trying to prevent him from participating in the election campaign.
Now he wrote to the arbitrator Smorgon court so that the meeting was moved and gave him the opportunity to get acquainted with one hundred percent fruit inspection Housing Ostrovetskaya prosecutors. Tags: suit, hook, Ostrovec, utilities, tribunal

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