Congress supported the removal of the BPF Michalevic

At the congress registered 64 delegates. In his report, the Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski outlined the political situation, where, in his opinion, and Alexander Milinkevich and Sergei Kalyakin almost openly already preparing for the subsequent presidential elections.
"We need to possible faster determined mainly by the candidate of the BPF presidential elections and his understudy. It asks more from the party discipline — the chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski. — There are people who make a plan designed not here. Exit Party for the presidential election with its candidate must raise us. We inside the BPF must no other commands, commands the other candidates. "
"Barshchevskii the first time in three months, came up with this speech, and said in plain language what hitherto had read only in the margins: the conflict over Michalevic associated with future presidential campaign, with those whom will work BPF in these elections, "- said to me one of the delegates.

"A narrow group of party management thinks as profitable to implement the party candidate in the presidential election, or uses this topic Stripping opponents, "said during his speech Deputy fan Michalevic Party chairman Yuri Hubarevich. Mikhalevich himself, who was given the word, reiterated that does not see itself outside the Party, and said that he apologized for his Lyavony Barshchevsky severe expressions, he sent them to the online newspaper "Solidarity." Barshcheuski, but said that since these apologies This time not posted — means they never existed.
BPF offered sanctuary to put on vote repealing the decision of the Diet exclusion Michalevic.
A 15-hours were announced the results of voting ballots — 28 for, 33 against and 2 abstained. So makarom, decision was made, and remains in force the decision to expel Michalevic of BPF. After the announcement of the voting results Lavon Barshcheuski raised the question of restoring Mikhalevich in the party as an ordinary member Tags:, BNF congress

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