Contest ends — all on shopping

One of such places — Hongqiao Market, which is districts in the Temple of Heaven — one of the landmarks of the Chinese capital. There really is a market case and you can actually zatavarytstsa enough high-quality and low-cost industrial products, such as jackets, shirts or sneakers, purchased at a cheap cost of various toys — mikramulyazh majestically Chinese wall, a variety of fans, magnets on the fridge, tea and coffee pot still many-to-many little things that symbolize belonging to China.
Not so long ago there could meet South American tennis player Lindsay Devenport. On the wall of a 4-storey building flaunts a portrait of Bill Clinton. Chinese are proud that this place has become a "saint" as a lure to themselves even sports stars and political. In general, though their desire to build on one of the floors of high-rise known and wealthy people is clear: those are not usually traded in the selection of bags, some clothes and shoes. Extraordinary pride Huantsyao market — pearls and decorations from pebbles.
Curiously, that there you can bargain for a discount on the merchant 100, 200, and can and more than percent. The main thing — the best way to customize their behavior. Kynes immediately on the product — and believes that discounts can not be. Will prudent and patient — a fortune on savings will certainly be with you.
Closing of the Olympic Games in Beijing felt on road junctions and Fri mass people to skip the event. Already funny day to maintain order the police and military, who are armed only with a smirk Tipo designed tommy. Buses and cars passing through the gate with the best resolution, additional checked baggage for explosives likely using specially trained dogs.

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