Control of computer clubs will become more rigid (refreshed)

One of the managers naikrupneyshgo Minsk Internet club "Alliance Online" Valentin Borodavko reads work computer and internet facilities and monitored until now. On This time made new adjustments.
Warts: "Before This time operated a temporary position, approved by the city authorities. And it actually not much than roznitststsa from today. Unlike except that increased storage time logs — in other words, the electric magazine with information which went users ".
Valentin Borodavko states that very closely terrified at the prospect of attention from certain structures. What specifically to "Alliance Online", then the web sites of unknown content filters powerful bot, and guests from the competent authorities have come before.
Warts: "Generally speaking, during my work here for us twice came from the Office in the fight against crimes in the field of high technology, twice took to the study of these blogs. At the same time, the last time not so long ago. The young man broke the base provider "Fatherland-plus," came to us, laid card numbers and passwords to could free climbing in the web on these cards, then went on its electric-mail. And it was caught. "
Closer will be kept under control and underage guests clubs. Heads of agencies should warn minors from disk imaging software "for adults."
If users suspected of wrongdoing, those responsible must urgently to say about it to law enforcement. But, according to experts, at the moment the game starts, the meaning of which — to bypass stringent standards. Even the emperor Borodavko admits rely on honesty guest in This is the meaninge partially marnay.
Warts: "In a brand new position does not write about the guest of mandatory checking passports, and therefore we do not require. Demand to show a passport only in the evening when they come face-like minors (they are not allowed to be in here without an adult.) But we do not write the names. Other words people will fill the magazine, write the names. But, as experience shows, one’s own real name is not falling. "
To control the activities of computer clubs — whether it meets the brand new position of the Council of Ministers have authorized municipalities within the boundaries of their competence.

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