Cost-effective technology for smart glasses


Graduate student Siberian Federal University Andrey Belousov under the direction of professor of instrumentation and nanoelectronics Tamara Patrusheva developed technology to halve the cost of the production of "smart" glass.

"Smart" electrochromic glass, changing the transparency of admission of an electric current, are high-quality alternative to curtains, blinds, shading screens. Smart glass can take care of the energy resources by saving on space heating in the winter — with the loss of their use of heat in the room is reduced to 4.5 times. Due to their reliability and durability of the glass can be used in the automotive, aircraft, even the construction of the spacecraft. Electrochromic glass may be applied in both external and internal to the installation. The lack of material — the high cost.

As the Andrey Belousov, its proposed technology is cost effective.

 According to preliminary estimates, the young inventor, the cost of these glasses will be more than twice as cheap goods from abroad — about 5 thousand rubles. 1Q. m "We basically do not use to create electrochromic glass vacuum coaters. The optimal properties of the active ingredients we achieve with chemical mortar-film deposition techniques. "

Electrochromic device consists of two optically transparent electrode bonded to the perimeter. Electrode space is filled with the active electrochromic composition (an ion-conducting electrolyte and the electrochromic film). When a DC low voltage (less than 6.0 V) ions are moving from one layer to another, where they enter into a reversible chemical reaction. As a result, changing the transparency of the composition, and a light transmittance of electrochromic glass decreases / increases.

To work electrochromic glass is not required continuously applied electric current, it is only necessary to change the state of transparency of glass, as electrochromic glass has a "memory effect."

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