Crown: I’m on my life, for sure, a smuggler

Karatkevich "Sp.Akudovich why you have chosen as the beloved song song about smugglers of" People’s album "?"
Akudovich: "You see, I did a young man with Borderlands — Svislach where I was born, is located 7 kilometers from the modern border with Poland. Because, surely, the spirit smugglers close to me. And in general, I loaf that I’m on my life, for sure, a smuggler. A vpribavok — I love Catherine Kamotskii and her songs. "
"Man is ready for love at all, and even the worst"
Karatkevich: "As you said Valentine’s day — once your name is correlated with this prazdnichkom, in the sense of attention to for you today?"
Akudovich: "In recent years, every day Valentine’s Day starts for me are equally: from a distant village Svislach mom calls me and congratulated me with funny day Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s funny day. She has 80 years, but when she congratulated me, the voice of her younger, becomes girlish just — it’s so nice to me. She is glad that she used so successfully elected me a name that will be associated with congratulations, and I am glad of it with joy. way, here’s the curious thing: my mom, so "cool", radykalka just in the midst of the Orthodox, but she did not care that this has prazdnichek Catholic origin and came to us completely on the side where it bends and bows which puts their own ".
Karatkevich: "Like you, Valentine, responded to the question on what action you’re ready for love?"
Akudovich: "I think that in the heat of love people really ready for anything. Youth I experienced two great love, while I think they were more stronger than the ones that we outlined in Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet." Because I know itself for itself, that is ready for anything, and even at the worst, unfortunately. "
Karatkevich: "And even throw smoke."
Morozov: "I do not know how to throw a smoke, but believe me, if you like — not difficult."
"In politics there are no betrayals"
Karatkevich: "Which of you think Politicians decisive for the history of Belarus?"
Akudovich: "Once anyone yet. I think, a very significant role first played 1990 Zenon Pozniak, and later — I would not hurry to raise at least someone on a pedestal n». Before that, I think that the Belarusian policy plays no role other than the situation with BNR. Those people who did BNR — yes, they have created a determining step, but there anybody 1st I would not be singled out, there was a whole group of people held our attention. "
Karatkevich: "By the way, yesterday was our guest Alexander Milinkevich, he this question responded the same way as you do. Naturally, all the discussions are presently appeal A.Milinkevich Alexander Lukashenko — is to preserve the sovereignty of Belarus, to prevent economic collapse and combined note Freedom day on March 25. What is your attitude to this proposal and to this situation? "
Akudovich: "Every step of the policy at the time, when he’s done, can not be called neither fair nor wrong. All making policy is evaluated only over time, time will tell if it was politically expedient, if not — then calculate his erring, error. The letter A.Milinkevich currently attitude is — 50 to 50: some supported the move, while others associate it with even betrayal. In politics there are no betrayals — if adultery leads to political success, it is converted later in a positive myth is interpreted as a step pravidtsy. "
"With all the disadvantages of economic conflicts, process natsyyavtvarennya they are very positive"
Karatkevich: "As for you to see the development of relations with Russia? Attitude of people to her worst moment, all they say that such municipal patriotism born — how to make, that he ran to the state? Or nothing to do?"
Akudovich: "One of the European philosophers said that no European civilization does not appear, not as a civilization without daaformilasya own state of war. Belarusians did not have their own state of war, and thank God, we hope that it will not, but those conflicts — gas, oil and so on — may be just and play a role in the projection of a peaceful "war" which neahodnaya us with its eastern neighbor, to break that umbilical cord that we, in the public mind about» voedinyzhdy connects with Russians and Russian and allows our policy states that we are one people. While this alliance will not be interrupted, we as a civilization not daaformimsya.
With all the disadvantages of these conflicts, process natsyyavtvarennya they are very positive. That before the municipal patriotism reincarnate in the state, then it any other way does not turn until civilization will not civilization. On the other hand, think that the state patriotism is based only on, say, language, history and culture of the state — so think it would be quite incorrect, state patriotism consists of very very huge complex of reasons, among which — and municipal patriotism. "
"France could would porukovodit "
Karatkevich: "You worked at a bakery forwarder, turner, guard boatman piyanervazhatym, teacher of the department of sports tourism in the Belarusian Institute of Tourism, to teach" the Belarusian Collegium, "write. And you do not want to porukovodit state?"
Akudovich: "You know, I did not state that I plumbers team failed to manage. But if, hypothetically, in the format of the game, and if I wanted any thought about the leadership of the state, the only country in which I wished to control — is France. For me this country intelektulalav a priori, by definition Singles. Such a state with such people could and porukovodit ".
"Whatever the strong arms of a man, they will never deter ladies"
Karatkevich: "How do you abstragovvaetsesya when the brain is tired — and they get tired you at all?"
Akudovich: "You see, unlike the academic philosopher, who on his own profession should think, to write the planned work, I man is free in this regard, and I do not force myself to think — I’m just waiting for when thinking itself glance to visit me, and if that happens, it’s fine, it’s for me prazdnichek, and if does not happen — I’m just doing something else and waiting and waiting … "
Karatkevich "And vorachivayas to love — the kind of philosopher would recommend a declaration of love, and how to make so that to keep the lady?"
Akudovich: "You know, I did the first time admitted only after 5 years because someone recommend me about it does not work. Moreover, this paradox is fascinating to me — why that is the best in man, it so difficult to admit? And here I think the point is this: though we love heart, but this love spadyspodu always involved our bottoms, but the lady said, "I love you" — in other words to say in some places, a second meaning, "I want you" , but it is read aloud very difficult.
How to keep? Whatever the strong arms of a man, they will never deter the ladies, at least — for a long time. For the institution of the family and there» and that this alliance can keep for life. He does not love keeps, and this alliance rests only somewhere» it. "

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