D.Kakabade: Our homeland is punishing Georgia for its Western aspirations

Reporter: Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said that Our motherland wants to kill democracy in Georgia, while Our homeland says that she just answered the attack by Georgian forces. What do you think about this?
Kakabadse: Our homeland is punishing Georgia for its Western aspirations — for plans to join NATO and Euro-Atlantic structures. In 2006 was introduced by Russian embargo on Georgian products, and probably Russian authorities had hoped that Georgia would not survive economically if will lose Russian market — the largest market for Georgia. This did not happen, and they certainly were this disappointed. The Georgian economy, all international estimates, developed normally, so that the embargo had not been given to the Russian Federation no results. Months passed, and it became obvious that Georgia is able to survive as a government, as a country, it has established and even strengthened economic ties with Western countries. In principle, one way or Georgia so had to do it — and it had positive consequences Russian embargo.
Reporter: You mean that our homeland is trying to prevent Georgia into NATO?
Kakabadse: To understand the situation we now have in the region, very fundamentally realize action today in April — first in April in Bucharest NATO summit, where Georgia, along with Ukraine had hoped to get so called Action Plan in friendship — this is the last step before receiving an official invitation to join NATO. And although the United States is very pressured, and although some other members of the alliance have been for the fact that Georgia and Ukraine to the plan, it did not work out. It did not work in the main due to strong protests Office of Germany and France. I do not wish at this time to incriminate anyone, but I think that Germany and France have some responsibility for what is currently happening in and around Georgia, because our homeland took it as a symbol of the fact that it has a free hand, to act and to strengthen its impact in the region. It is worth mentioning the fact that just 12 days after the Bucharest Summit, April 16, the then Russian President Putin issued a decree on the establishment of specific relations with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the breakaway republics on the territory of Georgia. There were other steps, for example the so-called package of additional peacekeepers in Abkhazia, sending military-railway in Abkhazia — and all this without the consent of the Georgian government, which was a violation of all existing agreements.
Reporter: Moscow And especially do not like the pro-Western Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili …
Kakabadse: Ouster of President Saakashvili Miheila — is what dreams Our homeland. While Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin would be very happy. I’m sure he would be very happy if he left Georgia and Saakashvili Our homeland could put in his post obedient man who would never have said that the main goal of Georgia — accession to Euro-Atlantic structures — NATO and the EU. I can not read for the Russian government did not know what they plan directly, but it would be the perfect scenario for them.
Reporter: How do you assess the international response to the conflict in Georgia?
Kakabadse: We look another example of the inability of the international community to end such confrontations. People die, and nothing is done. Naturally, this is not the first time in history — it’s worth remembering Darfur and other examples — but it is one of the best examples of how some country may in at least some about the military means to punish their own feeble neighbors, and in the international arena, nothing happens. Ok, there were allegations of different favorites, European and especially American. There were statements made by President Bush, Secretary Rice, presidential candidates Obama and McCain — pretty strong statement. But nothing happens when you need to do something to stop the impending bloodshed — I do not mean military intervention. Naturally, no one will take a third world war, of course, this should not happen. Our homeland but must realize it. If now the RF away with her brutal policies, so tomorrow similar happens somewhere else on the post-Soviet area. Have some leverage on diplomatic level — have NATO-Russia Council, the Russian Federation have negotiated with the European Union concerning the cooperation agreement, there are plans of Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization — have different abilities, but, unfortunately, we know that Europe in particular is very dependent on Russian energy, and because our homeland feels that can act with impunity.
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