D.Kakabade Stalin planted a time bomb

Kakabadse: With regard to the site, then no problems were not. But Georgian websites produced very powerful cyber-attack, and very many information websites, and government is not working. At the moment the situation straightened a little. What is the website of the Georgian Liberty, then managed zapazbegchy problems. Relatively journalists — of course, it was hard work in These days are, especially in the days of armed conflict, well, at the moment is not easy, as the movement is not entirely free, especially in the Gori district, where some towns still controlled by Russian troops. But we have our own correspondents in almost all the regions of Georgia, and at the moment we are giving them more time in the air than usual. Correspondent there in Blaze in Poti, where are still Russian military. From there we have every day reportazhi.Sous: I should add that when the Georgian-Russian conflict, most Russian websites after each article on this topic have been posted tips on how to implement cyber attacks on Georgian government websites. And now I would be willing to offer the guest night of freedom of the Georgian Service Director David Kakabadze listen poll on the streets of Grodno. People they say what conclusions should make Belarus with the Russian-Georgian conflict? (Sounds poll). Kakabadse: People naturally upset. I think that phase, when people feared — it is already in the past. While here in Poti, this port town, there still this tension is felt, and she felt in our correspondent reports that every day sends out reports. There now was coming Entrance South American warship with humanitarian aid, and it is this patsiytsav very alarming, and they were relieved when they learned that at the last moment the ship was sent to Batumi. And our listeners were that very well that managed to avoid provocations. After Russian troops in Poti stand and even dig trenches.
Sous: Olga sent follow-up question. "Russian media, talking about the events in South Ossetia and Abkhazia constantly they say about the choice of the peoples of these republics. Tell the leaders of South Ossetia and Abkhazia — which they have policy statements in recent years as they made about the foreign policy of the Russian Federation? Or general well-read here about the choice of the people — were there any referenda, known there any case studies and surveys? Is it true read here specifically tested on people’s choice? Thank you very much.Kakabadse: Referendums were. I think in Abkhazia they even occurred twice. All the matter is that these referendums are held without the participation of those refugees who were expelled as a result of wars of the early 1990s .. For example, one of Abkhazia came 250 thousand Georgian refugees. Without their silly to hold referendums. And if these refugees to return to their home (I hope), that’s when it will be possible to hold a referendum under international supervision, and have the results of these referenda to judge the future of these regions.
Sous: question from Ales Ostrovsky of Grodno. "Tell the me more history of Ossetians in South Caucasus. How is it that ethnic Georgians area became a territory of residence Ossetians who lived near to the Don. "
Kakabadse: "This territory during the 19th century evenly populated came from the northern Caucasus, asetynami who settled there. Meanwhile, it was sparsely populated areas in the period in Georgia. And they settled there and lived long enough to peacefully with local Georgians. And of course it is uniformly used more royal Our homeland. These all ethnic conflicts on the principle of "Delhi and rule" have been popular and royal control of, and later already in control of the Bolsheviks, Russian Union in the Stalin era, too. And just the granting of autonomy — it was like a bomb clockwork. Stalin came out very well slip this time bomb in almost all places in the territory of the former Russian Union.
Sous: Question Konstantin Mironov from Minsk "Why Georgia will not give up its claims to these so called autonomy or simply to recognize their independence. Precedents — Jordan in 1970 renounced claims to the West Jordan saves that to the 7-day war belonged to her. But there was an absolute monarchy and adsutnchiala freedom of speech. "

I think that neither the government opened no way for myself to say — we agree with the ethnic cleaning

Kakabadse: "In Abkhazia, and now you can read about South Ossetia occurred ethnic purification. First 1990s were expelled from Abkhazia 250 thousand Georgians and other nationalities were also expelled as a result of the first war. If at the moment to abandon that areas, the Georgian government can say these people, who have lost everything — house, home is actually lost. I think that neither the government opened no way for myself to say — we agree with the ethnic cleaning, let’s legalize and we are also willing to recognize the two republics. I think that no government in the world it would not have gone. "
Sous: Question guest BR "What do you think, why not push the NATO countries as well for Turkey, which for 30 years recognizes the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, do coalitions against it, not to provide humanitarian assistance to Cyprus, in general, do all that at the moment against rf? "
Kakabadse: "Turkey is a NATO member and ally of other NATO members, such makarom these questions not quite the case. On what pressure can be discussed when a member of NATO, Turkey itself. When this conflict is not razvyazhetstsa, it will happen in a good, no military confrontations NOT will be. "

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