DARPA creates a many-headed «Hydra» for the U.S. Navy

DARPA creates a many-headed
The U.S. Congress asked the Pentagon dramatically reduce costs. Budget for the coming of the military department of 10 years should be reduced by 500 billion dollars. This means that a number of basic programs and projects will undergo a severe reduction, while others will be closed and completely. In this regard, already at the moment South American Department of Defense decides to sample reduce their costs without compromising the state of the armed forces and keeping their defense capabilities. Not so long ago, the agency DARPA, engaged in promising developments launched preparatory work for programmke Hydra («Hydra»). The aim is to create complex programs from funds designed to assist the naval forces in patrolling the oceans.

Fascinating fact that the title of applets, taken from Greek mythology, which completely corresponds to the face of the finished complex. Hydra applets result should be the creation and deployment of a network of universal unmanned platforms with different payload. Like the heads of the Hydra platform fabulous complex Hydra able to look for comparable large waters. This system is expected, will allow to control the fundamental areas as needed and take appropriate measures. It is understood that the devices made during applets Hydra, will be able to take on some of the naval forces. This will allow not only to ensure the presence of the U.S. Navy in all the right areas, and reduce the costs of operation of ships and countless hiking.

In the current time programm Hydra is in the very early stages and because most of the information about it for the economic qualities. Emphasizes that complex unmanned is highly profitable method to ensure the presence in suitable areas of the oceans. In addition, even a large group of autonomous vehicles that can look for comparable large area, will cost even less budget than vehicular connection with similar abilities to monitor. With regard to military operations, the drones may be able to carry a weapon. Also encouraged to use them only for intelligence purposes, need time pulling in a terrible area real ship connections.

Technical View devices created during applets Hydra, has been defined only in very general terms. It is understood that it will be small (in comparison with the ships the Navy) unmanned submarines or something similar on them. Already at this time stated that the desired load vehicles will be done in a modular fashion. So Makar, the major part of unmanned units perform unified and the remaining equipment will be installed in accordance with the goals and objectives of a particular item.

Uniform of the unit must provide a reasoned equipment performance over time. Required term performance has not been determined, but at the moment it is clear that any of the Hydra system devices will have to work from several weeks to several months. The main payload is now the number of modules with surveillance and reconnaissance. In the upcoming expansion of the range expected for the applicable modules motivated.

Dimensions and technical nuances of operation Hydra devices must be designed so that they could carry and use the media of different classes. It is understood that the delivery vehicles in the appropriate area and discharges to water will be conducted ships, submarines and aircraft. Because of this, there are not only the requirements for the size and weight machines, and restrictions on operating difficulties. In the benchmark all service should be only downloading programs from taking action and assembled unit of information. Also consider the option with a remote control that will allow to control the movement of the 1st or more devices.

The introduction of standardized vehicles with different instrumentation, is expected to provide an opportunity to make a single monitoring system underwater and surface targets, as for the air space in the area of ​​finding groups of unmanned systems. In practice, this will allow as to ensure the presence in the right area, and increment the operational radius of naval forces. In the latter case, the system sets specific Hydra will substitute sonobuoys used to search for submarines, but all this has enormous ability to find targets.

As a result, the successful completion of programs from Hydra Navy U.S. get a good multi-purpose tool for monitoring the waters without the necessary verbovaniya ships and submarines. Already at this point it is clear that these systems are fully capable of doing its main objective, namely embodiment presence without unnecessary costs on business trips. But stated requirements for unmanned vehicles and their payloads can badly affect the course of the entire applets.

Creating art with such features can be very expensive for today’s South American military budget. Hydra phones should be for a few months in one place, look over the situation and transmit information to the command post. In addition, the need to monitor not only for water, and for the air space, which significantly complicates the equipment and operation of a huge number of devices for various purposes. So Makar, only one promising development of multi-purpose underwater vehicles can cost quite a large sum. Another more fundamental and opposing party applets Hydra will be the fact that quite a complicated and expensive apparatus, likely will not be reusable. This is also bad for the money qualities applets.

Yet, the general introduction of Hydra will allow to save on operating reconnaissance ships, anti-submarine aircraft, etc. technology created to oversee waters. These savings can be further cut off at least part of the cost to develop the project Hydra, the construction of a sufficient number of unmanned vehicles and equipment appropriate systems. Because of this, the current time is not safe to talk about the prospects of certain applets.

Another prerequisite that subsequent prospects applets Hydra is questionable is the current state of the project. First held in August agency DARPA meeting professionals to open a discussion that the proposed concept. The result of the meeting was the development of the main requirements for the projected UAVs. Recently spetsy continue to consider abilities promise and peril. Follow-up meeting, devoted to «Hydra», is scheduled for October 22.

Timeline for implementation applets — if it will not be recognized and unpromising start technical design — is open to question. As an exemplary start time of operation of the first prototype unmanned aircraft called the second half of the decade. This operation system Hydra may begin no earlier than 2018. So Makar, the practical application of promising multipurpose unmanned underwater case remains fairly distant future. But the announcements on the progress of the project will appear in the most recent times. In late October, it will become clear whether the new draft Pentagon agency DARPA and, as a consequence, there will be to continue to use many-headed sea «Hydra».

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