Decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier «Forrestal» sold for 1 cent

Decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier
Decommissioned U.S. Navy aircraft carrier «Forrestal» sold for scrap. Texas company «Oll old Metals» (All Star Metals) paid for it, the military department only 1 cent — taking into account the expected costs of transporting it to the disposal site, ITAR-TASS
When launched in 1954, «Forrestal» was naikrupneyshim ship in the U.S. Navy and was considered a miracle of technology in America. The cost of its construction were estimated at $ 217 million — about $ 2 billion in current prices. But in the past 20 years, the first South American «superavianosets» quiet zarzhaveval at the pier in Philadelphia, and the military unsuccessfully tried to sell him out, for example, as a floating museum.

«Forrestal» participated in almost all military campaigns, but certainly the most memorable episode in its history has been associated with a series of explosions and a fire on board, happened in 1967 in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of Vietnam as a result of a technical malfunction. Then, killing 134 American servicemen, 161 injured. Surviving in the midst of today was recognizable Republican Senator John McCain.

Title his ship was named in honor of James Forrestal — former Secretary of the Navy and the first Secretary of Defense. After the enforced retirement in 1949 he became depressed and committed suicide.

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