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Even before the current session of the court district of Gomel Railway factory management "Electrical equipment" where Vasily Mommy worked as head of the Bureau of Logistics, written informed activists that cancels the order for the premature termination of the contract.
Activist was asked to say in the personnel department, whether he agreed, that he was returned to work in the same office.
Zhigar director and his assistant Ms. Stain on ideology, which sent a letter activist PKB pretended that nothing had happened. Say, come and play.
But the emperor and his Mommy’s representative in court by proxy, attorney Leonid Sudalenka, claimed not just a letter, and accordingly ordered the Director for reinstatement with payment of average earnings forced absenteeism.
And such orders lawyer Natalia Kaptsyakova plant brought to the tribunal railway area.
From next day Vasily Mommy goes to work. Because he agreed to renounce the claim to the management and recovery plant 10 million rubles for moral damages:
"In principle, one side, I’m pleased with this result of the case, because two of my 3-suit made. And case I went to meet the administration, taking into account that she went down to meet me. "
From public activities and subscription to the newspaper "Comrade" Mommy renounce sovereign and does not reflect.
Factory Director "Electrical equipment", a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Victor Zhigar who signed the order for dismissal from work Mommy Tipo for systematic failure to perform obligations, said radio "Freedom" that the dismissal activist nothing to do with his political and public activities, and on newspaper "Comrade" and he knows nothing:
"I think he wants to play that card during this period. Now the election. But you realize it is futile. The company no one is considered the question. Especially since, faithful word, first time I hear such a title of the newspaper. Give at least write down: "Comrade."
Lawyer Leonid Sudalenka that proxy PKB represented in court interests Basil Mommy thinks that the factory management "Electrical equipment" thought better fit, to reinstate the employee in good faith, that more than a quarter century gave this company:
"Management made a mistake, fired from his job Mommy. And, apparently, not because Prof. activities, and specifically because of the public in including and that it distributes the newspaper "Comrade."
At the moment, the factory administration acknowledged its mistake and corrected it — back at work public activist. And I think his personal victory. " Tags: Mommy

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