Dmitry Sotnikov crew of KAMAZ-Master was the winner of the rally Silk Road

Dmitry Sotnikov crew of the Russian team "KAMAZ-Master" won the rally "Silk Way 2013"!


The second in the overall standings was his team-mate Anton Shibalov.

The third was Sergei Vyazovich / Belarus / at MAZ, who lost Sotnikov 32 minutes 39 seconds. 
Shibalova crew won the seventh stage from Time 1 hour 17 minutes 2 seconds, Sotnikov on this special stage was the second Shibalovu lost more than 2 minutes, but retained the top spot in the overall standings.

Another driver of the team "Kamaz-Master" Ayrat Mardeev, who led after the sixth stage of the rally, was fined for two hours for the transfer of one of the control points of special stages. As a result, Russians took fourth place in the final overall standings.

"This is my second" Silk Road ", and compared with the previous, this year's race is much more complex, the rally turned in African tradition of the" Dakar ". Were marathon in length and complexity of the steps was a lot of sand, then everything went. We had a small problem on the route, but we managed to cope.'s great that our team won, " — Sotnikov said after the finish.

Shibalov also noted the complexity of the race, and said that the task ahead of partner "KAMAZ-Master" in front of him did not stand.

"I was riding at your own pace, to catch up with the task Sotnikov not standing in front of me. Task was to maintain the position. Most importantly, our team won. Compared to last year, the race has become much more difficult. They say this even to the" Dakar "was not. Almost every day we passed by 400-500 km, and it's sweltering heat ", — Shibanov told reporters after the finish.

Winning the championship SUV went to Frenchman Jean-Louis Schlesser. The crew of Vladimir Vasiliev of the Russian team "G-Force" remained in second place. Vasiliev won the seventh special stage, ahead of Schlesser by 36 seconds. In the overall winner of the Russians lost more than 16 minutes.

Vasilyev said that such a result is, of course, pleased. But this stage is small in extent, and it was clear that to win back all the backlog of 100 km rossiyaninu not succeed.

His opponent said that sought to win, but he remembered about the existing advantage.

"We had a temporary backlog, and we used it. Our goal — it is always a win, and we wanted to it. This is an interesting, very difficult race. There's a lot of navigation stations, and even added a high temperature" — Schlesser told reporters after the finish.

FINAL CLASSIFICATION rally "Silk Road 2013" (truck)
1. D.Sotnikov ("KAMAZ-Master") — 36:28 '25''
2. A.Shibalov ("KAMAZ-Master") lag — 1'04''
3. S.Vyazovich (MAZ) — 32'39''
4. A.Mardeev ("KAMAZ-Master") — 1:21 '35''
5. Ya.Valtr (LIAZ) — 2:06 '47''
6. A.Vasilevsky (MAZ) — 2:28 '21''
7. V.Vildman (LIAZ) — 5:10 '13''
8. S.Kupriyanov ("KAMAZ-Master") -5:29 '36''
9. M.Van Den Brink (GINAF) — 6:29 '58''
10. M.Kovach (SCANIA) — 8:59 '17''

Interestingly, the first four places in the standings trucks shared the Russian and Belarusian machines — KAMAZ and MAZ.

Czech LIAZ on the 5th and 7th place, Dutch GINAF in 9th place, the Swedish Scania in 10th place, and the Czech Tatra, German MAN and Mercedes, DAF Netherlands were not included in top 10 strongest. Total cargo in competition was attended by 27 teams from 9 countries.

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