Dmitry Vishnev presents in Minsk Zoo

Exhibition Gallery "Underground", which is located in the capital Independence Avenue, has the title "Zoo" and exposure to "good ideas", Mogilev called "Passage to the cages." The creator explains that the names correspond to the content, because the main characters of his colorful works — it’s all sorts of animals and insects.
Cherry: "For many years I was researching different animals, insects and parasites."
The result of this research work was the catalog calendar 2006 under the playful slogan "Cockroach — best friend of man." Calendar takes very popular among fans of modern art, because Dmitry Vishnev continued this project and issued a new catalog calendar 2008 under the slogan "Each plate Cockroaches give love." Now at the opening of both exposures can be buy this special edition.
Paintings Dmitry Vishneva fans are well aware of contemporary art in Germany, where more than once held his exhibitions.
Cherry: "For five years I have quite intensively leaving for Berlin and other German town. In Last year participated in a large international exhibition in Kemnitse also been two months in Berlin at the invitation of art-house "Tacheles" where my work purchased by visitors from various countries. "
Works Dmitry Vishneva are also in private collections in Sweden and other countries. Such a situation is amuses artist.
Cherry: "It so happened that our overseas Belarusian artist knows better than at home. I believe that it is very bad. It is not only the absence of the art market is the lack of education of the taste of our Belarusian society. "
Belarus to This time accomplished only one individual exhibition Dmitry Vishneva, which is not quite remember who already, because it was in 1998 in the gallery "Sixth Line." Two exhibitions that open now constitute the second personal exhibition of his homeland.

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