Do not break the wings of the young, if you would like compassion in their own age!

Constant listener: "If you do not, then I will. This is for the opposition. Was such Frankilt (Franklin — Ed.) Ruzvelt. He President of the United States of America. Good friends with us, etc.. So this one was a dictator Ruzvelt turns out, judging by the fact, according to the opposition. Look, he was elected to the post … Elected own was in the 32nd year, was re-elected in the 36th, re-elected in the 40th and 44th. And died in 45 -m. was very sick, so would further re-elected. He also Teran, look. A man here asked people held a referendum. People, 100 percent, uttered, "Come." All questions asked. What’s the matter? It 1 th. 2nd. you as you pass it, Kozulin, this unfortunate lady is already becoming a politician. She rides, acts, for which she still struggles? Here I do not understand. struggling for the liberation of the spouse? I once called her immediately and gave a hint that this should be done. necessary that the man admitted that he was wrong when he produced predatory acts on the street, people called for the release of prisoners and so on. And later asked parliament or president, that stripped him of his charges because he admitted his guilt. What is wrong with itself? "
"A friend of Bush," as stated Putin, Bush, America, by means of which you are a vtrymlivaetsesya th provocateurs constantly bully with Russia and trains hidden, open, is preparing a war with Russia. There 500 bayonet 500 bayonet there, there ABM etc.. He simply forgets the words expressed in kayzera time"In Russia not to go!" All of Europe was at war in 1941-45 — and the "Blue Division" of Spain, and the Italian "urine" and Hungarians, and Bulgarians — all of Europe was at war against Russia, against the Russian Union. If not in terms of manpower, the real all these countries were used. Apart from Poland, as they simply despised, as Jews, as gypsies. On liquidation these people walked. So what? It’s nothing. So this is crazy constantly wants to make a precedent, so to war. Start a war, all its satellites will form the polls. Only animals will go. And America, as such, will not. That’s the whole outcome. Our homeland all the same will. It’s so big. In the far East, Siberia, all reborn and everything will come … "
Man: "Milinkevich, Kozulin, Belarusian Teran — are members of the Communist Party, and we need a president who has never been in this criminal organization."
Man: "Good evening," Freedom. "Currently 18:24. So here, honorable" Freedom, "why is it in your post is missing information about those students who tried to conduct its own founding congress? Well, at the weekend, apparently, you there was not working time. Well, now Mon … Or maybe it was some misinformation? So you need to somehow get out of this situation. Think yes — yes swallowed, nobody complains. But so sure is ugly, I think. Think it must make a post that happened to these peopleEither let them detained. Well, in short, if you wish, so that you have constant listeners, then you need to somehow encourage them. And then advertise to handle, so that the neighbors heard it … What do the neighbors here, if I have been constantly listening to, and there are such absurdities. Thank you for your attention. "
Lady: "At the end of 2006 Lukashenko promised tragic difficulties directly to the Belarusian people. In a conversation with German journalists, he said proudly: "God grant me four years to accomplish all that I have promised," etc.. So every passing day with God’s help Lukashenko Belarusian people closer to devilish problems. The only promise that he can perform. "
Olga, Baranovichi: "Young at the moment and put on trial. Do not break the wings of the young, if you would like compassion in their own age! Thank court that is not allowed tsemrashaltsam from science to recover from the millions of girls, because the acquired knowledge is not put on the shelf to gather dust, and vorachivayutsya the benefit of society. "

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