Do we appear Belarusian Gorbachev?

Creator of the 1st of these letters — the last teacher Sergei Dukhnovsky of Minsk region. He writes:
"We in Belarus created a small Russian Alliance. Older people remember very well, than to keep on that system — on terror, on indifference. Main thing was — not protrude from the general crowd. At home in the kitchen can read that anywhere, and at a party meeting should support the party line and vote like everyone else. Naturally, I am referring to the so-called "developed socialism", which he himself distinctly remember. (When Stalin obviously it was different).
At this point, I think we are experiencing at Belarus just a late Brezhnev. Dominates so called stability, but rang a bell close economic disasters. In Brezhnev’s Soviet Union this bell was the fall of global oil prices and a drop in this regard, export revenues. In Belarus, the end of stability begins with a quarrel with its eastern neighbor and again with the same sharp decline in oil revenues budget, and which kept shadowy network "Belarusian magic." That’s just see if we own Gorbachev? Something on the horizon itself is not visible. "
Some political analysts believe that under certain circumstances, Gorbachev in Belarus may be Lukashenko himself — if the danger of economic and political problems dare whop ship Belarusian authoritarian country toward specific Belarusian "perestroika, glasnost and democratization."
Certain statements in this regard from the Belarusian favorite already heard — for example, that Belarus can no longer "fly on one wing," and that it is ready to cooperate more closely with the West. But real steps until these statements are accompanied by — a political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin remains in the bullpen, and local elections were held on the old tried and tested standards, in which the opposition had virtually no chance of fair competition. So what about the Belarusian "perestroika" read is not necessary.
The next two letters — with arguments about the current state of the Belarusian democratic opposition. The creators of both messages — and Boris Rut’kov and Ales Sivak — to control the activities of opposition skeptical.
Here he writes Boris Rut’kov from Minsk:
"It is now for many of course: this opposition to anything not capable of, and ways in which it uses ineffective. In my opinion, it is time that the opposition was established just samaraspustsitstsa, self-destruct. This applies to both civilian United Party and the Belarusian Popular Front. A favorite of these parties and Anatoly Lebedko Vintsuk Vyachorka must complete engage in politics. Anyway, the result will be.
What to do? And you must make one single and alternative regime and opposition force with at least some title — as it was in the period from 1988 to 1990. And it must lead only one favorite, which would recognize the authorities and the opposition and the West, and our homeland. "
On the same subject written on "Freedom" Ales Sivak from Gomel:
"Belarusian opposition again can not share portfolio. Neuzh something they do not understand what it is their trumpery fuss for leadership and how annoying it is ordinary people waiting for a change? Currently need not conduct conferences and seminars, and work among the people and to prepare for March 25. Why do you need that new Congress What it can be solved? will gather two eccentrics who dream to get their hands on power, but nothing for it can not do … I know, I just do not beheld.
Belarus needs to change, and people are willing to such changes. And need a single favorite that such changes would be symbolized. What’s wrong with Milinkevich? Maybe he’s not without flaws, but the other is still there. Elect, appoint favorite congress is unrealistic because the favorites are not appointed — they become.
Previously, I was involved in intense opposition — walking on various meetings and congresses, went to seminars. Later realized all this worthless, waste of time. With the fear I think that from these people determine the fate of democracy in Belarus. So we have that democracy can never wait. "
In rigid authoritarian regime is occasionally powerful influential opposition sovereign Sivak. To be influential, you need to have their own representatives in parliament and local councils need to own their media disk imaging, hold positions in the municipal office and business … Total of Belarusian opposition (unlike, for example, from Russian or Ukrainian) deprived.
What opposition was in Russian Union? She appeared only in the late Gorbachev when he was relaxed and when printing were conducted first relatively free elections for deputies.
Why there is no unity even in such a weak opposition? In the midst of a politically active and principled favorites in general rarely happens unity. Especially since, if the organization is based on democratic principles, and everyone has the right to defend their own positions and disagree with opponents. Another thing is that for the fight against the authoritarian regime of such an organization is not very adaptable. On the other hand, the change of regimes in countries such as the current Belarus, often depends not on the efforts of intelligence agencies and strangled by its internal contradictions of the opposition.
As before, much of our mail messages from those students who suspect that transmission Belarusian Freedom jammed — because it matterswhether special services during the war cool. Here he writes on this topic Victor Lisowski from Minsk:
"Every day I listen to your programs and 22 hours, using shortwave" VEFam. "If it is absolutely impossible to listen to the small waves, the wife borrow" Philips ", which has a medium wave with digital tuning. But not so long ago and did not help" Philips ": just heard the familiar screaming jamming, as in Russian decent time. wish that you were acquitted really recovered glushenne Radio Liberty. If fact in other words, how to use international institutions and how to apply sanctions against the regime in the field of communication ? "
On the same topic we wrote Margarita and Ruslan Batsyankovy from Minsk:
"One friend with higher education communicator told us that" Freedom "and" Voice of America "jammed. She said:" I worked in a communication system for 30 years and I understand these tricks. And the fact that Belarusian Freedom claims turnaround — that she did not want to scare their own students, "- says the lady."
We pochetaemye listeners do not have clear evidence of spices confirmed that glushenne our gear restored. Rather short wave, unfortunately, do not contribute to the quality of reception. This is especially true of large cities, where many large buildings, and means a lot to radio waves and obstacles. Specifically, of the cities (and especially from Minsk) and we get more complaints about the quality of reception.
And now — a few letters of listeners "Freedom", which lilac leave a comment.
Belsky Nikolay Small village of Belica Senno district writes about respect for the memory of the victims in 1937:
"All and all you need to bow and lay flowers on the graves alive innocently killed. Practically every town there is a symbolic place to which one will come themselves, others lead for a priest …"
And another letter, also on the theme of Stalinist repression, which sent us from Lena Timoshevich Zelva:
"The past keeps us firmly and does not go forward. Whilst on the streets of our cities are monuments to Stalin’s henchmen, and no decent Kurapaty memorial — we are destined to again and again to repeat the mistakes of the past. Only after, in Belarus will be held at least one trial of the NKVD executioners, who destroyed anything as innocent people in our society will begin the true change. "
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